How to check registered phones with PTA DIRBS under my CNIC?

Do you know how many phones are registered under your CNIC with PTA? This guide will help you to check how many devices are registered on your ID card no.

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How to check registered phones with PTA DIRBS under my CNIC?

A complete process to check number of registered smartphone devices in Pakistan Telecommunication Authority


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority started registering phones after Government took notice of fast pace illegal smartphone import. By starting the system of mobile phone registration, PTA asked mobile consumers to registered their phone by dialing *8484#. If you have not registered phone in PTA yet, you can visit following link to register unregistered device with PTA DIRBS system.

Just a couple of days before, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority received news of false phone registration using data of other individual without their permission. This news got attention when it reached in Government meetings; see

How to check the number of registered phones on your CNIC?

Here is a very simple process to check how many devices are registered under your ID card no:

  1. Dial *8484#
  2. It will display a new window with 5 options, because we want to check registered phone devices on my CNIC so we will tap 4 “mobile count registered with your CNIC”
  3. By selecting option 4, there will appear a new screen containing two options: i-Pakistani, ii- Foreigner.
  4. Enter your CNIC no to check registered mobile devices under your CNIC. Make sure, there is no space or special characters are used in it.
  5. Press 1 to proceed, after pressing 1, a new window will appear that will show the current registered devices in PTA on your CNIC. It will also show the left devices you can register.

If you do not know about phone registration in PTA, you can visit our latest blogs on how to register phone in PTA DIRBS. Links are also provided above. Visiting above mentioned links, you will be able to understand complete process of device registration in Pakistan. These guides to register mobile phone also assist you to understand how I can pay mobile tax free.


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