How to buy a PTA verified used phone in Pakistan?

How to buy a pta verified used phone? This guide explains the points you should consider before buying a pta registered phone.

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How to buy a PTA verified used phone in Pakistan?

An ultimate guide to buy an in budget pta verified mobile phone

Pakistan has one of the largest mobile phone consumer industries in the world. A number of mobile manufacturing companies sell phones in local market and earn huge revenue from it. These companies include, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Vivo. There are also many other companies but these are major shareholders which supply a series of smartphones every year. When there are a range of phones with attractive designs, the every first question comes in our mind,

 Which phone I should buy?

“You can buy a premium pta verified used phone at affordable price”

All mobile companies working in Pakistan offer cheap to mid-range, and expensive phones. They try to meet customer expectations by offering phone for each class. As there are millions of mobile users here in Pakistan, second hand mobile phone industry has formed its shape on a wider scope. You can buy a premium used phone at affordable price. But every used phone cannot be in perfect condition. As you cannot trust on seller words only until you are sure that the device is in optimum condition.

Check points before buying used pta registered phone

There are many check points that must be ensured before buying a used phone. Since, PTA has made it compulsory for every mobile owner to register mobile phone in pta; there are a large number of unregistered mobile phones are also circulating in the market too. Such individuals and retailers are trying to sell phones by any mean. Because unregistered smartphones are being blocked by pta, and soon they will be in blacklist, such mobile phone owners will try to sell it as soon as possible.

Buying a pta verified used phone saves your money. There are also certain guidelines that help buyer to buy only pta verified phone that you can read here:

So, here are some suggestions to buy a pta verified used phone:

  • Check IMEI number of phone. It is best practice to match imei number from phone box, from phone system settings. Now check this number at pta dirbs system to make sure phone is verified with pta or not. Make it sure that you revise this procedure after factory reset too.
  • Once you are sure that your device is compliant with pta, you can proceed to check phone technical aspects
  • Check phone condition if there is any scratch on display, backside or on camera glass.
  • Inspect phone touch properly
  • Make sure phone Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and sensors are working properly
  • Touch sensor is very important, never miss to check phone fingerprint sensor. Do check it locks swiftly or takes time.
  • Make a call, and check the quality of voice. It includes speaker and mic.
  • In many cases, used phone sim signal strength creates lot of problems. On commercial areas, you cannot identify this issue; try to check phone signal strength at some place far from mobile tower. Remember, such phones suffer in providing good signal strength often.
  • Many phones have screen and panel replacements. There are higher chances that these phones will be damaged soon. So, before buying a pta verified used phone, check its panel whether these is any space on the edges or it is a bit shaky. Phones with panel replacement don’t fit exactly on the screen that can be seen on the lower side of phone.

Hopefully, these guidelines will help you to buy a good used pta verified phone. If you want to know more about used phones, you can read our guide

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