How to boost my Samsung mobile speed? (2020 guide)

How to boost my Samsung mobile speed
How to boost my Samsung mobile speed

How to boost my Samsung mobile speed? (2020 guide)

Unfortunately, it is not so rare to find a slow Samsung smartphone: it takes a while to unlock, apps open with intolerable times and graphics lag are wasted. Welcome to the club!

Obviously, we are not talking about the high-end devices, of course, but about that tide (and there really are a lot of them) of low and medium-low-end products that sell very well in shopping centers. Many reasons can be found at the base of the disappointing performances, many of which are shared with all entry level smartphones.

For example , RAM is never enough, memories are slow, or the processor is inadequate for a FullHD screen . Then there is a unique feature of Samsung which is the software : the OneUI is beautiful, well-finished, full of features and customization possibilities and for this reason particularly indigestible on cheap smartphones.

With this guide we will see some simple steps, within everyone’s reach, to immediately give your device a good shake .

 if the problem is the lack of precision, start by registering the same finger several times , this will certainly improve things. However, what interests us most is the reactivity in recognition and for this we suggest the following:

  • go to settings -> applications
  • top right menu -> show system applications
  • search for: “”
  • on the next page tap on battery -> optimize battery use
  • in the drop-down menu tap on all and then search again “”
  • here disable the switch, then reboot the system

After the restart you will notice a certain improvement in the speed with which the smartphone responds to unlocking with fingerprint recognition after long periods of standby , with the above operations we have in fact prevented the service that concerns unlocking with biometric recognition from going into saving mode energetic. Maybe you will consume a little more battery but you shouldn’t notice any particular drops.

The basic Samsung launcher is well made but it is quite heavy in terms of memory impact , if your smartphone is not particularly performing we advise you to replace it with something simpler and lighter , you will immediately gain speed and autonomy.

We give priority to Evie Launcher , it is probably the most immediate and the one that already with 2 taps can put you back on the track with more speed and pleasant graphics.

  • Evie Launcher | Android | Google Play Store, Free

After downloading it, simply open the app and follow the installation procedure, permissions will be requested for storage, location, contacts, in the next step you can import the current arrangement of apps and folders of the OneUI launcher.

In the next step a pop-up will ask you to set Evie as the default launcher , press OK to set it.

After the first configuration we advise you to enter the Evie settings and customize what you like best, in the “home screen” section you can disable the Evie feed, or that widget with English news that we imagine will interest you little.

For the rest, the settings are intuitive so we leave it to you to explore them, among the most interesting functions are the graphic customization, many possibilities for gestures, an optional dock, notification indicators and global search .

The solution to performance problems is sometimes a lot easier than you might imagine , just dig a bit into the settings to dig the spider out of the hole.


  • Go to system settings -> Device assistance -> battery – power saving application
  • Enter the section “App in advanced suspension”
  • Here, add all the applications that do not create push notifications, therefore exclude all those that generate instant notifications (messaging, social, etc.). In this way the apps that do not notify will work and absorb resources only and only when you go to open them.

Galaxy Labs is an app developed by Samsung itself , which contains four additional tools to keep your smartphone efficient . It is available on the Galaxy Store for most devices, if yours is not, just manually install the apk files that make up the package.

Galaxy Labs consists of 4 parts:

File Guardian: allows you to restore files that have been deleted by mistake

Battery Tracker: a precise monitor on energy consumption

Battery Guardian: analyzes abnormal consumption, performs the same work as the “optimize battery” system function

Galaxy App Booster: A performance optimizer that acts on system apps and user apps, frees up memory and improves system speed. To be performed once a week.

Enter the Galaxy Store and search for Galaxy Labs, if it is available download and install it following the instructions as for any other app,


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