How to block spam calls on iPhone in 2020: step by step guide

How to block spam calls on iPhone in 2020
How to block spam calls on iPhone in 2020

How to block spam calls on iPhone in 2020: step by step guide

If you are tired of receiving spam calls of different types every day, here is the guide to identify the numbers on your iPhone and filter the calls.

iPhone: recognize and block spam calls

Yes, we are perfectly aware that – now – every day on our smartphones at least a couple of phone calls from spam numbers arrive. Often they come from call centers where operators (doing their job, for heaven’s sake) try to sell this or that other product or service.

However, as much as we try to respect the work of others, at a certain point we also claim the right to decide that we no longer want to receive commercial proposals by phone : if for us they are spam, it is right to defend ourselves by filtering and blocking calls from numbers side.

If you own an iPhone , we’ll show you how. From iOS 13 onwards, Apple has introduced a very fast official procedure to do this, which however relies on an external antispam application. In addition to guiding you towards blocking spam phone calls and SMS, we also suggest what – in our opinion – is the best free application to achieve this: TrueCaller.

Here is the procedure you need to follow:

  • download TrueCaller from this address , directly on your iPhone;
  • open the application and register with your phone number;
  • open the iPhone settings and go down to ” Phone “;
  • having installed TrueCaller, two new items will appear in the menu: “ Call blocking and identification ” and “Blocked contacts”;
  • click on “Call blocking and identification”;
  • enable TrueCaller to perform the call filter function and provide you with the ID of numbers you do not know ;
  • finished.

If you wish, again through the TrueCaller application you can also enable a filter for spam SMS , but be careful: in this case it could happen that the filter blocks messages that you are interested in receiving (such as confirmation codes of some operation made online).


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