How much mobile tax I have to pay on iPhone?

how to calculate mobile tax on iPhone? We have brought to you a complete list of mobile taxes applicable on famous iPhone models

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How much mobile tax I have to pay on iPhone?

Read the complete list of taxes on iPhone top models

Since the Government of Pakistan has imposed taxes on imported mobiles and increased its levy on domestic smartphones there is a visible hike in phone prices. As mobile tax calculation is an ambiguous process that includes a range of taxes, it has become a little difficult to understand how much tax I will pay on imported iPhone and other smartphones. For the assistance and comprehensive guidance of our readers, we have not only provided a mobile tax calculator but also writing how much tax you will pay on every phone brand individually?

In this article, we will cover mobile tax calculation on top models of iPhone:

Mobile tax on Apple iPhone devices

Apple iPhone Model Applicable Tax on iPhone
Apple iPhone XS Max (512GB) Rs 73,537
Apple iPhone XS Max (256GB) Rs 64,325
Apple iPhone XS Max (64GB) Rs 57,416
Apple Iphone XS (512GB) Rs 68,931
Apple iPhone XS (256GB) Rs 59,719
Apple iPhone XS (64GB) Rs 52,810
Apple iPhone XR (256GB) Rs 48,157
Apple iPhone XR (128GB) Rs 43,551
Apple iPhone XR (64GB) Rs 41,248
Apple iPhone X (128GB) Rs.55,066
Apple iPhone X (64GB) Rs 48,157
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) Rs 45,854
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (128GB) Rs 38,663
Apple iPhone 8 (128GB) Rs 37,182
Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) Rs 34,339
Apple iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) Rs 37,564
Apple iPhone 7 Plus (32GB) Rs 31,000
Apple iPhone 7 (256GB) Rs 34,715
Apple iPhone 7 (128GB) Rs 30,036
Apple iPhone 7 (64GB) Rs 28,438
Apple iPhone 7 (32GB) Rs 25,430


Calculate mobile tax through calculator

If you want to calculate mobile taxes manually, you can do it by visiting following link


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