How does Mobile Voice Assistant Work? (Apple &Android Guide 2020)

How does Mobile Voice Assistant Work
How does Mobile Voice Assistant Work

How does Mobile Voice Assistant Work? (Apple &Android Guide 2020)

In more and more households, a smart voice assistant from Amazon, Google, Apple and Co. accompanies the resident through the day, takes care of tasks, plays their favorite music on request or switches the light on and off on demand.

 In addition, he translates various foreign words on request, helps find the right recipe or informs us about the traffic to be expected on the way to work. 

Clarified important questions

1. How does a voice assistant work in detail?

Probably the most popular voice assistant, Amazon’s Echo, has seven microphones installed under the hood. In the true sense of the word, the echo is nothing more than a loudspeaker with built-in microphones.

 They are also immensely important for functionality, because they are used to record the words you speak, filter out any ambient noise as well as possible and then load them into the cloud in no time at all. Because Alexa’s brain is online and not in the echo itself. The spoken words are recognized and put into textual form on Amazon’s servers.

2. Why do I need an internet connection?

In order for Alexa and Co. to be able to execute your voice commands, the device must be connected to the Internet – usually via WiFi. The reason for this is that the commands are not processed in the voice assistant itself, but on the servers of Google, Amazon and Co.

Without an active Internet connection, your smart speaker is at most a reasonably good sounding Bluetooth speaker, which, however, already fails to skip tracks via voice command or to play your favorite music on demand. If it bothers you when Alexa is permanently online, then keep your hands off it.

How to troubleshoot problems with the Google Assistant

In order for your mobile phone to understand the activation command, the feature must of course be activated. Elsewhere we will show you how to set up the digital helper . If Ok Google is switched on and the voice command does not work, go through the following possible solutions:

  • Many cell phone problems resolve themselves after a simple restart.
  • Check whether your microphone is covered or dirty. Your cell phone may simply not recognize your voice.
  • Speak the command clearly. Turn off background noises like music.
  • If problems persist, clear the Google app’s cache.
  • Check that the latest version of the Google app is installed on your phone.
  • Temporarily set a different language for your mobile phone and then reset the setting.

Ok Google: fix problems

If the voice assistant still refuses to work, check the settings on your mobile phone:

  1. Go to the battery options in the Settings app .
  2. Turn off the smart battery feature and sleep mode .

Also check the settings in the Google app:

  1. Open the search engine provider’s app and tap on the three bars in the lower left to open the options.
  2. Go to the section for the Google Assistant .
  3. In the Voice Match entry, you teach Google to recognize your voice.
  4. Scroll down to the Assistant Devices section .
  5. Here you make sure that the Google Assistant option is activated .
  6. Under Voice Match you set up that Ok Google is also recognized when the Android screen is off.


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