How do phone experts change phone IMEI number? Unblock PTA blocked phones

phone retailers are selling PTA unregistered mobile phones in Pakistan. Let’s read how they install fake verified IMEI numbers for a temporary PTA DIRBS system online approval.

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How do phone experts change phone IMEI number? Unblock PTA blocked phones

Beware! People are selling PTA verified phones with fake IMEI number

What is IMEI number?

Every smartphone has a unique numeric number. It is given by GSMA authority. It cooperates with cellular networks and phone companies operating in the world.

Why a phone has an IMEI number?

The purpose of giving IMEI no to a phone is to make it secure. IMEI gives phone a unique identity. It is registered in GSMA, phone manufacturing company data servers, and cellular companies where it is being operated.

Why people are changing IMEI number of Phone in Pakistan?

The biggest reason behind changing IMEI number of Phone is Pakistan is the rapid response of PTA. Yes, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has started blocking unregistered mobile phones. To register a phone with PTA online, an unregistered mobile user needs to register phone in PTA to unblock mobile phone. Without phone registration, he cannot operate phone.

How phone retailers are selling PTA blocked devices?

Now, people, who have not registered smartphones, are installing fake IMEI numbers in their phones. These fake IMEI numbers are already verified with PTA DIRBS system. Now, when a buyer checks the status of phone IMEI no in DIRBS online application, it shows mobile phone is compliant. At the spot, buyer satisfies with the purchase and buys phone considering mobile phone is compliant with PTA. Later, when you reset the device, phone will update the real manufacturer based IMEI; that is not registered with PTA DIRBS system.

So, you need to be very careful before buying any phone. We have updated how can you check the real IMEI number of any phone in following link, you can read it.

Also read this, why a phone with fake IMEI no cannot be registered with PTA?

Coming to the topic, let me explain you how do mobile experts in Pakistan are changing IMEI number of mobile phone.

How to change IMEI number of Android phone?

“Remember! Changing IEMI number of any device is an illegal act. If you will try this to scam any individual, you may face strict legal actions”

Requirement of changing IMEI number on Android phone:

  1. Reliable Internet connection
  2. Rooted Android Device
  3. Xposed installer

Phone experts use this method to change IMEI no of mobile phones temporarily. Later, such phones are sold in market claiming PTA verified devices.

  1. They write original IMEI no
  2. Open Xpose installer
  3. Access to change IMEI no
  4. Reboot device
  5. Accessing Xpose installer app, desired IMEI no can be installed

So, this is very quick and easy to install fake IMEI number in smartphone. Same method is being used in Pakistan. Phone retailers who have a huge number of unregistered smartphones are installing verified IMEI no into unregistered phones and selling it easily.

To avoid this scam, we have already written a comprehensive article to check the real IMEI number of mobile phon. Moreover, PTA also recommends to buy only PTA approved devices.


  1. Goog work PBD writer. I went to the market to purchase a G6 and could not find a single G6 with its original IMEI in the whole market. These people have found a way to import unregistered kits, and put imeis of dead phones. Now that might seem OK, but no body knows how many times the same imei has been used and if one gets blocked, all phones will also get blocked.

    PS: As you mentioned IMEI will restore to default after reset, that’s not the case with most phones. Because these people flash it directly to the EMMC chip. The issue you mentioned might be true for some models that have been rooted, but most of other phones have it installed permanently (as far as i have experienced, your mileage may vary ;).

  2. Sir i got a mobile on the road i want to change iemei is it possible to change my mobile iemei my cell number is03238204647 contact me

  3. I don’t think Xposed method mentioned in article works because it doesn’t replace the IMEI on system partition which pings networks the device identity,it just replaces IMEI on Interface so from devices settings or *#06# one would see the punched IMEI

  4. Sir plz help I have 2 iPhones 8. But one is pta approved but iCloud locked and the other one is non pta but no iCloud how I can replace IMEI with each other to use one of my phone plz help and contact me


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