How do I properly disinfect my cell phone from Corona virus?

How do I properly disinfect my cell phone from Corona virus
How do I properly disinfect my cell phone from Corona virus

Not only the hands, but also the smartphone should be cleaned thoroughly, especially in times of the corona virus. What you have to consider when disinfecting.

For most people, the smartphone is a constant companion in everyday life – and therefore one of the dirtiest objects that we encounter every day. Researchers are still divided on how long the new corona virus can stay on the surface of a smartphone.

But if you want to protect yourself against the virus, you should not only wash your hands regularly, but also as a precautionary measure, clean your cell phone several times a day. How does it work properly?

Apple updated its guidelines on how to clean smartphones a few days ago . The recommendation is to gently wipe the outside of the phone with a cloth containing 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or Clorox disinfectant wipes. A microfiber cloth is best suited for this.

No aggressive cleaning agents or antibacterial gels

Cell phone owners should not use bleach to clean their device. The penetration of liquid into the openings of the device should also be avoided. It must not be immersed in cleaning agents.

We tap our smartphone several hundred times a day

We type on the screen of our smartphone several hundred times a day. The number automatically explains why there is a large number of bacteria on the cell phone surface . On the one hand, they originate from phone calls from the skin and mouth, and on the other hand – much worse – from the hands. Especially during the spread of the corona virus, we should pay more attention to our hand hygiene; nevertheless germs are deposited on our devices. We explain how to get rid of your smartphone and how often it should be cleaned.

How to rid your smartphone of bacteria

You should do a basic cleaning of your smartphone every 1-2 days:

  • Dip a cleaning cloth made of a lint-free material into warm water with a little washing-up liquid, then wring it out well and gently clean the display. Then use a dry cleaning cloth with a little disinfectant spray * đŸ›’ to cover the entire device.
  • Make sure that the cloth is really clean. Dust, grains of sand or the like can scratch the display.

Thorough cleaning is recommended once or twice a week to completely remove viruses and bacteria:

  • Thoroughly clean the back, spaces, plug connections and cell phone cover. For example, a toothpick or cotton swab can help.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents such as alcohol or glass cleaners. You can damage the device.

In everyday life, there are a few things you should consider to reduce the nucleation on your smartphone:

  • Do not place your smartphone on a herd of germs, e.g. in the toilet, on the train or on restaurant tables.
  • Wash your hands regularly before picking up your phone.
  • If you have to go fast on the go and you can’t wash your hands for a long time , disinfectant wipes are suitable to free your phone from dirt and bacteria.
  • Keep your cell phone out of reach while eating. Even small food residues are sufficient for the formation of microorganisms.

In order to protect ourselves against the corona virus, we pay particular attention to hygiene. We always have the largest source of bacteria in our hands: Our smartphone is contaminated with ten times as many bacteria as a toilet seat. How to clean it properly.

everywhere currently lurking danger. Public doorknobs, handrails in the train or the PIN entry field at ATMs have recently been viewed with much suspicion. Coronavirus pathogens could adhere to it. However, we forget that the largest bacterial source is always and everywhere – our smartphone.

“Mobile phones are one of the dirtiest things we see every day,” said Charles Gerba, microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona. The devices are contaminated with ten times as many bacteria as the average values ​​measured on toilet seats.

So it is completely useless to wash your hands regularly to avoid being infected with germs like the corona virus if you do not take your smartphone into account. If you want to protect yourself as best as possible, you should also keep it clean and germ-free.

Contrary to what you might think, swiping the display isn’t enough. The following should be noted:

How often should you clean the smartphone?

The current situation is: the more often the better. In general, you are well advised to wipe the display quickly every now and then. The cell phone should also be cleaned more intensively every few weeks.

Do you have to switch off the device beforehand?

Yes, sure is safe. If you can, take out the battery to rule out all dangers.


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