Here are top 5 valued smartphones for money in Pakistan

In budget used smartphones are getting popularity in Pakistan. These smartphones are valuable both in the terms of performance and resale value.

top 5 smartphones for money - phonebechdou

Here are top 5 valued smartphones for money in Pakistan

Most valuable in-budget smartphones ever in Pakistan

  • Oppo A37
  • Samsung s7 edge
  • Huawei mate 10 lite
  • Nokia 6.1
  • Vivo 91c

The quest of buying budgeted smartphones seems getting fast pace since Government has increased taxes ration on smartphones in Pakistan. Still, there are a number of popular affordable smartphones you can buy. These phones are not only good in performance but also have good resale value. We have brought to you mix of some old and new smartphones that you can gift or buy for your own easily.

Oppo A37

Oppo A37 Price in Pakistan: Price of Oppo A37 in Pakistan is Rs. 16,000

The best mid-range Oppo selfie camera phone

Oppo A37 is all time favourite smartphone in Pakistan. It is still one of the most popular smartphones in Pakistan with good resale value. If you need a good smartphone with decent specification, buy Oppo A37 and enjoy an unlimited no of features on the go.

Samsung S7 Edgesamsung galaxy s7 edge - phone bech dou

Samsung Galaxy s7 edge price: 47000

Most popular Edge series smartphone in the market

Do you love Samsung redefined technology? Are you looking for Samsung most popular old models? Don’t forget to count on Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. We still remember the curvy style with perfect glaring display. It can be a best choice to gift an affordable phone to your loved one.

Huawei Mate 10 lite:huawei mate 10 lite review - phone bech dou

Huawei Mate 10 lite price in Pakistan: 34000

We have the latest Mate series here. With Huawei mate 20, mate 20 lite and mate 20 pro, Huawei has just stunned international phone market. But if we don’t mention Huawei mate 10 lite here, it will be not justified. Mentioning top 5 valued smartphones for money, Huawei mate 10 lite takes a clear edge on all other smartphones. The main reason is its look, specs, and its larger size. It is still most valued smartphone in Pakistan by Huawei smartphones.

Nokia 6.1nokia 6.1 review - phonebechdou Nokia 6.1 price in Pakistan: 21,000

Nokia 6.1 is a mid-range smartphone that can be easily bought as low as for 21000. Similarly, it has quite stylish design. Nokia new android smartphones are not only good in price but come with astonishing features. If you are looking for an affordable smartphone with best resale value; buy Nokia 6.1.

Vivo 91cvivo 91c review - phone bech dou

Vivo 91c price in Pakistan: 18,999

Vivo 91c is best for big screen lovers. It is a complete package for anyone interested in buying budgeted smartphone. It is going on the top of popular used smartphones in Pakistan. With 88.6% screen to body ratio, it gives a complete cinematic experience. It is available in 3 very attractive colours. Moreover, its High Capacity 4030mAh Battery is just more than perfect for long hour operations.


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