Google Pixel 5 Review 2020

Google Pixel 5 Review 2020
Google Pixel 5 Review 2020

Google Pixel 5 Review 2020: Pixel 5 Lowest Price in Pakistan

Price of Google Pixel 5 in Pakistan is 99,000

Google has approached the Pixel line in a completely different way this year. The company decided to focus on usability, rather than on the maximum performance of the components. Therefore, although the Google Pixel 5 is positioned as a flagship, it is very different from top competitors.

Google has ditched radar sensors for Motion Sense on the Pixel 4 and XL. For the same reason, the fingerprint scanner returned. The newest processor from Snapdragon is also missing – instead we get the Snapdragon 765G with 5G support. In addition, the 2x telephoto lens is gone, replaced by an ultra wide-angle camera. The Pixel 5’s design is similar to the Pixel 4a, although the battery is slightly larger.

Design and appearance

 The Google Pixel 5 is not just another glass sandwich – its body is made from recycled aluminum and the first 5G smartphone with a metal coating. The body material has a completely new feel. It resembles granite or sandstone that has been polished and processed. The grip is excellent and very comfortable.

The 6-inch display is covered with Gorilla Glass 6. Like the Pixel 4a, the front camera is located in the hole in the upper left corner, so the bezels around the screen are smaller. The Pixel 5 packs a 6-inch display, smaller than the Pixel 4 with a 5.7-inch panel. Weight has also dropped, in part due to the lack of radar sensors. Fortunately, protection against water according to the IP68 standard remains.

On the left side of the new Google smartphone is the nanoSIM card slot. However, the Pixel 5 supports virtual eSIM, so there can be essentially two SIM cards. On the right are the volume keys and a shiny power button. It does not have a special color like the previous smartphones, but it still differs from the body color. The G-shaped logo on the back cover of the phone is made in the same style.

The fingerprint scanner can be found at the back, at the top. The camera module barely protrudes, so the phone will lie flat on the table. There is no headphone jack, so only a USB-C port remains on the bottom. To the left of it is a microphone, to the right is one of the two speakers. In general, the design of the Pixel 5 is very similar to the Pixel 4a, only the display has become larger, and the module with cameras has changed. Many will be pleased with the rounded sides and the pleasant-to-touch surface of the case.

Smartphone display

The Google Pixel 5 has a 6-inch Flexible OLED screen with Full HD + resolution (2340 x 1080 pixels). Its aspect ratio is 19.5: 9 and its maximum refresh rate is 90Hz. When the smartphone is tilted, no color shift on the screen is noticeable, and there is also no discoloration around the hole for the front camera. Color accuracy is at a very high level, in the standard “Adaptive” mode, white shades do not give off blue, as in many modern smartphones.

 The colors are deep with great contrast, with Adaptive mode the average deltaE is 3 values, while in DCI P3 space the maximum is 6.1. In “Natural” color mode, more precisely: the average deviation is 1.9, the maximum is 3.1. A “Boosted” color profile is also available. There is a mode that gives higher values ​​than can be set with the slider. Manually, the brightness can be raised to 475 nits, when in “Adaptive” mode this figure reaches 700 nits. Values ​​are slightly worse than the Pixel 4a, but much better than the Pixel 4 and 4 XL displays.

Pixel 5 camera

The Pixel 5 uses a 12.2MP f / 1.7 lens with Dual Pixel autofocus as its main camera. The lens has the same specs as last year’s Pixel 4, so the improvements only concern processing algorithms. The new model also has two cameras, although instead of a telephoto lens, we have a 16MP ultra wide-angle lens with a 107-degree field of view.

The decision to abandon the telephoto lens is due to the fact that Super-Res zoom should be a worthy replacement for real optics. Although the best solution for users would be to add a third sensor. Although there is no autofocus, the main subject is always selected correctly when shooting. The front camera of the Google Pixel 5 is also the same as the Pixel 4, with 8MP resolution and no autofocus. Compared to modern 32MP lenses, the Pixel 5’s front camera feels outdated. There are also several new features.

 For example, you can now use Night Sight for portraits. For selfies, a Portrait Light function has also been added, allowing you to adjust the lighting of the face in the photo. There are three new stabilization modes for video: Locked, Active and Cinematic Panorama. Even if you shoot with a 16MP ultra wide-angle lens, the final photo will have a resolution of 12.2MP. In daylight, contrast is excellent and detail is good. Colors tilt towards blue, but that’s a feature of all Pixels. Super-Res uses Google’s HDR + algorithm to compensate for the lack of a telephoto lens.

 This is not to say that the pictures taken at 2x zoom have no losses, but everything looks nice. The drop in sharpness and detail is noticeable, and the resolution is 12.2MP. The Pixel 4 used information from the main lens and telephoto lens to create a realistic bokeh effect. Since the Pixel 5 has a wide-angle sensor, the main camera no longer has this “assistant”.

There is nothing to calculate the depth of the scene, so the quality of portraits has dropped. In low light, the main sensor performs better than the ultra wide-angle one. True, the problem is solved by the Night Sight mode, which significantly reduces noise. Of course, the detail is still worse than in daylight. For video capture, the Google Pixel 5 cameras have been redesigned. Sharpness has become higher, as well as the quality of work in low light, new stabilization modes have appeared. The main lens can shoot videos up to 4K at 60fps. The ultra-wide angle lens shoots at the same resolution, but the frequency is only 30 fps, and even at 1080p it does not rise to 60 fps.


Of course, we get pure Android 11 in the Google Pixel 5, the manufacturer promises three years of major updates and security fixes. The left-most home screen still contains the Google feed, and the app drawer also opens with a swipe up. At the bottom of the screen is the search bar, which also contains an icon for quick access to the Google voice assistant.

Updated notifications. Miscellaneous messages now have high priority, although they are not always recognized correctly. The “Now playing” card has also been redesigned – now it is always at the top in the list of notifications. If there are several such applications, then they will be arranged in a horizontal line so as not to take up much space. There is also a Notification History menu where you can find all notifications that you accidentally swiped or missed. This setting is disabled by default. Android 11 introduces new features to control permissions / denials.

The main update is that the permission of the application will expire if it has not been used for a long time. To do this, you can also enable the “Ask every time” option. Google OS has finally added a built-in Screen Recorder. The feature doesn’t have resolution or frame rate settings yet, however. you can choose whether to record screen touches as well as sound from a device or microphone. There is an option to do it from both sources at once.

Should you buy?

The new Pixel 5 turns out to be a decent near-flagship smartphone at a reasonable price. But, if any Pixel 5 Pro comes out in the future with the most top-end hardware, it will become absolutely perfect


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