Forgot unlock pattern and PIN? How to unlock your phone forgotten pattern?

how to unlock forgotten pattern,
how to unlock forgotten pattern,

Forgot unlock pattern and PIN? How to unlock your phone forgotten pattern?

universal unlock pattern for android and iOS 2020?


  1. Bypass blocking pattern
  2. Unlock with Smart Lock
  3. Forgot unlock pattern, no Google account?
  4. Mobile unlocked by app?

To protect your cell phone from unauthorized access, you set up a screen lock. You unlock the device using a pattern that is drawn on the screen with your finger. But what should you do if you forget the unlock pattern?

If you no longer have both the PIN and the blocking pattern in your head, your smartphone is not immediately lost. There are several solutions that can be used to handle the unlock pattern.

Bypass blocking pattern

Ideally, in addition to the sample, you have also set up cell phone sharing via fingerprint . So you still get access to your phone. If the display still cannot be unlocked in this way, you can bypass the unlock pattern using your Google account:

  1. Log in to a browser with the same Google account that is set up on the Android phone.
  2. Open the Google Directory Find My Device (Find My Device).
  3. Here you can see all devices that are currently linked to this Google account. Select the phone you forgot the unlock pattern from.
  4. Now select the Lock device option . The function is designed to secure the cell phone in the event of theft, but is also suitable for cracking your old locking pattern.
  5. Once the device is locked, you assign a new PIN via the browser.
  6. You use this PIN to log on to your mobile phone again.

Note that your cell phone must be switched on and connected to the internet. Samsung offers a comparable service with Find My Mobile . Here, too, the function must be set up in advance and your cell phone must be linked to a Samsung account in order to crack the screen lock remotely.

Tip: If you have access to your cell phone, deactivate the lock screen in the device settings.

Unlock with Smart Lock

Current Android phones offer an additional security setting with Smart Lock. This will automatically unlock your cell phone if you are logged in to a given WLAN or a known Bluetooth device is nearby. The Smart Lock setting must be set up in advance. This way only helps if you want to protect yourself in the future from a forgotten unlock pattern. How to find the Smart Lock unlock:

  1. Open the settings of your cell phone.
  2. Select the area for the lock screen
  3. Here you will find the Smart Lock menu .

Set up one of the suggested options. In addition to the two options mentioned, there is the option of wearing detection . Here you unlock your mobile phone once. As long as the device is carried and moved, it remains unlocked.

Forgot unlock pattern, no Google account?

If you have no way to get the unlock code back via your Google account, you have to reset your device . This will delete all data on the phone, but this will bypass the screen lock.

If you still have access to your Google account, select the Delete data from device option here . Alternatively, you can delete all data and settings using the recovery mode. You can reach this even with an active screen lock using a certain key combination. To do this, the cell phone must be switched off. Then press the Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons simultaneously. In the recovery menu you select the option wipe data / factory reset .

Mobile unlocked by app?

There are many apps in the Google Play Store that offer you screen locks with an expanded range of functions. If your cell phone is secured in this way, you can bypass the security setting more easily: Simply start your cell phone in safe mode . In this way, no additional installed apps are loaded at startup. This is how you simply delete the third-party app. At the next start, the protection is no longer active and you set up a new unlock pattern.

There are still a few ways to bypass the screen lock, but instructions of this type play into the cards especially thieves. If our suggestions do not help, you should contact your smartphone manufacturer.


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