fbr mobile tax list 2020- latest pta mobile phone tax rates

fbr mobile tax list 2020 is here. It tells latest pta mobile tax fee in Pakistan. You can find the link of fbr/pta mobile tax calculator for imported devices.

fbr mobile tax list 2020- latest pta mobile phone tax rate - phonebechdou

fbr mobile tax list 2020- latest pta mobile phone tax rates

The beginners’ guide to calculate pta mobile phone taxes in 2020

Fbr mobile tax list 2020 is finally here. We have updated our pta mobile tax fee list in this blog. You can find latest fbr mobile phone duty on all imported devices. Moreover, if you want to calculate pta mobile taxes, you can use our custom free online fbr mobile tax calculator.

fbr mobile tax list 2019 pakistan vs pta mobile phone duty 2020

In following pictures you can compare mobile phone duties in Pakistan both in 2019 and 2020:

fbr mobile tax list 2019

Serial No Mobile actual price Applicable tax
1 $30-100 Rs3,600
2 $100-200 Rs5,400
3 $200- $350 Rs7,200
4 $350-500 Rs20,700
5 more than $500 Rs40,390


Fbr mobile phone tax list 2020

Serial No Mobile actual price Applicable tax
1 $30-100 Rs1,600
2 $100-200 Rs5,400
3 $200- $350 Rs7,200
4 $350-500 Rs20,700
5 more than $500 Rs40,390


According to new pta mobile phone tax list 2020 there is a little change in taxes for mobiles worth less than $100. Government has just reduced the half of total tax. It is great news for overseas Pakistanis who cannot afford heavy taxes. Furthermore, there is still no tax exemption on expensive mobile devices.

Can I bring one free phone under personal baggage rules 2020?

No, fbr personal baggage policy is same. You will have to pay tax.

I am an income tax filer, is there any mobile tax favor for me?

No, every filer and non-filer will pay fbr duty on imported mobile phone device.

My one sim is working second sim is not

In such case, you need to submit application to pta for removal of one sim imei from dirbs system. After this, you will apply for mobile phone registration along with both imei numbers. Once you pay tax, your both sims will start working.

How to calculate fbr mobile phone tax online for free?

To calculate pta mobile phone tax online for free, visit following phone tax calculator:



  1. i purchase a used mobile now how much tax i have to orignal cost is 2200 riyal in KSA but i pay just 1250 riyal for used mobile plz guid

  2. Hi, I am outside the country, and i just buy the used mobile the worth of 44000 Pakistani but the actual worth is more then $500 so if am going to pay the 40390 as tax its much more expensive for me, I cant afford this price. can you please suggest me the criteria ( Samsung Galaxy Note 8 )

  3. If the mobile phone is not new and used for an year or more how the tax would be calculated on the device if we have purchased invoice along it which shows the date of ourchase an year or more.

  4. Aoa
    Meny s10+ lia tha or meny check kia tha k wo PTA approved tha but after 60 days wo non approved ara ha how is this possible any suggestions now what can i do?

  5. Suna thaa overseas ko 1 mobile free hai 1 saal kaa 10 jam 2020 sy lekin m apna moBile register kiYaa lekin uDr pura tax aYaa

  6. I have iPhone 11 Pro. I am going Pakistan next Month. And I have platinum Remitance card. Can I deduct tax amount from my Remitance card ?

  7. If buy Blackberry keyOne from Ali Express than what will be the tax for it.
    And is there any extra charges by customs on phone?

  8. Basically now a days iam in dubai but next month i go back to Pakistan than i register my iphone 11 pro max by my passport my first question how can i register my phone via passport and How i can pay this tax? Plz waiting for your response..

  9. hi Sir i have one question now in this days iphone 6s we can buy in 200 USD only then we what tax we give to PTA Pakistan ? and if give 17000 then why ? FBR check the price in USD then if you buy Less Price then why they ask High Tex Price ?

  10. How do they determine how much mobile price costs? If I order something online from ebay amazon etc, how will they determine price?
    Also do they charge tax on things at home delivery time like all international packages? Or will it be delivered and then I have to pay all taxes when I apply for its sim registration?

  11. Hello
    Can I know the amount of Total Tax to be paid on device Huawei Nova 7I? It’s dual sim phone, I need to know total tax.

  12. agr online phone mngwayen.. or us py hummy shipping cost deni orti hy… yo kia wo phone pta se registered hoga k nhii

  13. Aasalam o allikum sir my father is sending me used iphone 8plus from kuwait but wo toh kafi arsay se nai banta laqin uss ke net pe prise 122000 hai market se used 40000 tak ka milta hai toh muji uss pe kitna teeax dena pry ga shukria❤️

  14. I want to buy samsung a31 which is not yet released in Pakistan but it is released in gulf countries.One of my relative is coming from dubai and i ask him to bring samsung a31 for me.The price of a31 in dubai is about 30000 PKR.Then what is approval fee of this phone in Pakistan?.

  15. Can you tell me the tax of Samsung galaxy s8plus dual SIM bought from UAE an a friend of mine tell me that its tax is 12500 is that right or wrong

  16. I want to order a Chinese phone. company name ZTE and the phone name is nubia z20 its price is 499$ how to check its tax before placing order and importing it from china to Pakistan??

  17. There is way to register mobile online if people are out of Pakistan they can pay tax online ? if yes on which application have to pay tex , can tell me also we are able to send mobile used by courier or no.

  18. Phly to 1 year ma 1 phone allow tha free.jo apny pasport py registerd kr skty thy..ma ny kia b tha..2019 ma free rgstrd..wat about now…agr ab 1 or new lata hu 2021 ma to kya ho ga..1 free regsterd kr skty han paport py..1 lakh ey kam kemat wla hoga.60 65 hazar tk ka..plz btayen..

  19. IPHONE 6s Plus aur IPHONE 7 Plus
    Used Mobile par Tax kitna hay?
    Aur mobile ky actual price kis tarah on logo ko proof karna hoga.
    Mtlb Mobile ka purchase invoice show karna paray ga tax ko pay karny ky time.
    Ya on logo ky pass list hy mobile price ky model ky sath.
    Agar list hy to wo new mobile ka list hy aur ya used ka.
    Please Guide me.
    Thank you

  20. Assalam o alaikum
    sir mry mobile ki price 20000 hai
    Mobile device name :Tecno Camon CM(CA6)
    iska tax check kiya to 22750 show ho rha hai
    sir plz batye iska kya hall hai itna tac ku hai is py itni to iski price b ni hai

  21. Sir, I m using a second hand mobile which I bought in a price of 17,000pkr and PTA is applying a complete amount of 22,700PKR OF TAX ON my device, why should I pay a tax of a new un used mobile on a 3 years used mobile device that is malfunctioned too? Can any spokes person can justify my question..better to stop smugling of imported mobiles rather burdening Nation.

  22. Sir please tell me…
    If i paid fbr tax of Rs.20700
    On a device of price $400..
    Have i to again pay for the pta verifiction of imei and sim cards?

  23. Hi,
    couple of questions:
    1. Is tax calculated based on the mobile purchase price by the user or any fixed pricing is determined by PTA for particular model. In second case, where can I find fixed price by PTA and is it up to date?
    2. Last year in August 2019, only one sim on my phone in Pakistan was working. For other imei, I registered complaint which is appearing as resolved in PTA Complaint portal. How can I check status of phone IMEI’s before visiting Pakistan to avoid any issues at airport? DIRBS portal doesnt work

    • Hello Shehla, thanks for reaching to PhoneBechDou

      1- PTA charges TAX according to fixed price of mobile phone generally Box Packed
      2- If you have registered phone previously in pakistan then there is no need to register it. Still, if you want to check the status of your device, you can send imei no to your any friend, relative living in pakistan. He/she can easily tell you whether your device is registered or not


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