FBR introduces new method to register unregistered smartphones in PTA DIRBS

FBR Pakistan launches latest V-Box system to register unregistered phones. It generates payable tax slip automatically.

pta registeration new method - phonebechdou

FBR introduces new method to register unregistered smartphones

All information system will be updated through automated V-Box system

Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan has introduced a new way to regulate unregistered mobile phones.  For this, FBR has extended in its already set provision customs order no 1. According to new customs rule, an applicant needs to provide every kind of information through V-Box system to register phone. And all this information will be processed through automatic system.

Moreover, all duties, and taxes will be auto generated through this system. Later, phone owner can register phone with PTA online after declaring the payable dues. Simultaneously, V-Box system will generate auto slip for payable taxes and duties.

Slip will be generated electrically. Later, owner will be having 3 options to register mobile phone in PTA.

  1. He/she an pay dues through banks
  2. Register phone through ATM
  3. Register blocked phones at mobile phone franchises

Once PTA system receives payment confirmation message, it will automatically register phone in DIRBS.

Remember, overseas Pakistani traveling to Pakistan will have to register phone within 60 days. Later, they will have to pay extra charges and fine.


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