Facebook suspends operations with Huawei Mobiles

There is one more bad news for Huawei Mobiles as Facebook is no more providing pre-installation services to Huawei mobiles.

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Facebook suspends operations with Huawei Mobiles

No more pre-installation of Facebook apps on Huawei smartphones

Just a couple of days before, Facebook officials have decided to implement U.S Government sanctions on Huawei Mobiles. Facebook has announced that it will no more provide pre-installation of apps on new Huawei phones. It is another blow that is set by another social media giant based in the U.S with having millions of followers around the world.

How Facebook pre-installation ban will affect Huawei?

In real terms, suspending Huawei from Facebook pre-installation wouldn’t be a major blow as Huawei mobile users will be able to download it from Google Play store. The major concern will be for Huawei if it loses Google play store license permanently. Then, no user Huawei mobile user will be able to access play store services. Still, Huawei is enjoying 3 months temporary license to carry its security updates for its worldwide users.

Smartphone manufacturers pre-install popular social apps in their latest phone models. So, their customers will have their favorite apps already installed in mobiles. Almost all leading smartphone manufacturers preinstall social apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Reference source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-huawei-tech-usa-facebook-exclusive/exclusive-facebook-suspends-app-pre-installs-on-huawei-phones-idUSKCN1T80D7


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