Do you know this hidden whatsapp feature? whatsapp features 2019

whatsapp features 2019 also include a hidden tool that helps user to investigate data consumption for a particular contact. Check where to find it?

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Do you know this hidden whatsapp feature? whatsapp features 2019

Control mobile phone internet data and children activities by this whatsapp hidden feature

Do you know all features of whatsapp? If it is you, still there is a feature hidden in whtsapp application that you don’t know. Company has put this feature in front of you but most of the users don’t know about it.

Yes whatsapp has a hidden feature that tells its users that for how many times they have sent text messages, voice messages, pictures, and videos to specific contacts. So, would you like to know how much time you have spent with a friend on this application?

If yes than follow these steps:

  1. Open whatsapp
  2. Click on settings
  3. In Apple iPhone, setting option is given in a tab below
  4. Android user can access setting option in above given 3 dot menu
  5. After opening the settings option go to data and storage usage option
  6. Click on storage usage tab
  7. The most frequently contact will be on the top of the list. The user would have sent maximum texts, images, and videos to that particular contact.

There is another scenario, where a group is on the top list. In spite of you do not do much texting on that group but still it is being shown on top. Pen the group and tap on any contact. It will show you the participation of each member. This whatsapp feature will show you the bandwidth history of any contact from the group.

So, through this way you can get information about any friend or family member that how much time he is spending with any one.

Perfect tool for parents

This feature is perfect for parents to have an eye on their children mobile activity. What kind of people are in their circle and what kind of information they are watching. It is perfect tool to monitor the information where children are passing through every day. You can not only adjust your parenting but also direct perfect parenting strategy for youngsters and teenagers.

Final Advice

Subsequently, you can manage your phone storage by deleting chat. If a chat is consuming a lot of phone memory via videos and images you can delete it. Moreover, it also shows that data usage. You can save mobile phone data by turning off auto download option for video clips and images.


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