How to find lost or stolen android phone in Pakistan?

Don’t know how to find a stolen android phone in Pakistan? Read following article to block and report lost phone in Pakistan.

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How to find your lost or stolen android phone?

A beginner’s guide to block stolen android phone

Finding a stolen phone is one of the most difficult tasks especially in a system where there is not such improvised technology is not available to handle such matters. Smartphones have revolutionized the concept of easiness and multitasking. From communication to transaction everything is just at the distance of a single tap. Smartphone devices are not only expensive but these are small banks we carry every time. Our stolen android phones carry our privacy, and financial details. Buying a new phone is not a big issue rather finding a lost phone.

Some basic methods are opted to find lost or stolen android phone:

Finding lost phone through SIM unique number

Every SIM comes with a unique number for user identification. The very first step after you get to know about the stolen android phone is to report relevant department. Federal investigation agencies use SIM tracking technique. In this techniques, when a new SIM is replaced a message is sent o previous SIM. Through this phone location can be tracked.

Locating stolen phone through GPS

Finding lost phone through GPS location is the second top method. In this process, phone is located trough IMEI number where GPS satellite revolves around the earth to catch phone signal strength.

How to find stolen phone in Pakistan?

Once you are assured about lost android phone, contact PTA where they will try to take urgent measure against any further misuse.

  • Reported stolen IMEI will be blocked
  • It will be added also into global stolen list

The best practice after phone stolen news is to deactivate your SIM card. And access to your accounts through computer or laptop. Sign in to your accounts and log out from all accounts. It will sign out you from the device automatically. For more secure step, change your password.

How to report stolen android phone to CPLC Lahore department?

If you want to report mobile theft to CPLC department Lahore, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill incident info
  3. Write mobile information including IMEI no
  4. Write your personal info
  5. Submit the application

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