Controlling data consumption during mobile surfing – tips for Android users

Controlling data consumption during mobile surfing
Controlling data consumption during mobile surfing

Controlling data consumption during mobile surfing – tips for Android users

One of the most common questions before purchasing a contract is: Is the data volume that I get sufficient? If you want to counteract this question directly, you can get a contract with a high data package directly. For example, I myself have 30 GB in my contract, but I use about half of it every month.

Topic overview

  1. Get warned at the right time
  2. Switch off data connections
  3. Download and streams only via WiFi
  4. Emails and surfing

Get warned at the right time

You can already view your data consumption and edit the settings in the Android smartphone system. It’s best to set your consumption and cycle right away. Then set a limit with the orange horizontal bar. It’s best not to directly use the value that you really have. With, for example, 5000 MB data volume per month, your smartphone should warn you at 4000 MB.

Providers also offer apps with which you can see your current data volume. Some providers also send an SMS as soon as the credit runs out.

I also recommend looking at which apps gnaw at the volume. In the list you can see directly which apps use the data volume. If you tap on an app, you can see how much the app uses in the foreground and background. There are also apps that secretly suck on the data volume. You can of course prevent this, but some apps are important. So be careful when choosing.

Switch off data connections

If you put your cell phone aside, charge it at night or do not need any data connections, it is advisable to switch off the data connections. You can do this yourself or have it done with the help of useful apps.

One app that is mentioned on many pages is  AutoData . This app can be used without root and ends the data connection as soon as the mobile phone is not used. For example, if the phone is in standby for a longer time. So that you don’t miss anything, the app connects every 15 minutes to download messages. When you unlock the phone, the data connection is reactivated. Ideal if you sleep somewhere else at night and there is no WiFi. So you definitely save data volume.

But there are also apps that completely block certain apps from data consumption. Droidwall is recommended for root users . Android users without root can use the firewall app without root . With these apps you can make some apps permanently offline.

Download and streams only via WiFi

Downloads and streams consume a lot of data. Therefore, you should only use larger downloads, especially updates, in your home WiFi. This can also be set in the Google Play Store. There in the settings you can select the desired settings under “Automatic app updates” . After that, apps are only updated when the WiFi connection is active.

But other downloads should also be prevented. Most people use the WhatsApp app. Here, too, it automatically downloads videos or audio files and pictures. And here, too, you can switch this off with a setting. Under Settings -> Chat Settings -> Auto-Download you can make the desired setting for each media type and via what the download should take place.

Music and video streams should also only be used via WLAN. Some providers even offer to use the music or videos offline. So you can download everything you need in your home network and save on data volume. If you have a large music collection, you can even upload your songs to Google (up to 20,000 pieces of music) and then download them again from your smartphone .

Emails and surfing

You can also save data volume with normal everyday things. For example, some settings for data consumption can be made in the official Gmail app. You can determine yourself whether e-mails should be synchronized automatically, or also deactivate the synchronization for certain folders.

Website data can be downloaded in compressed form from Google’s official browser. The feature can be activated in the settings almost at the bottom. Another alternative is to use a smaller browser such as Opera Mini . The browser compresses data by up to 90 percent and thus saves valuable volume.

You should block advertisements while surfing. Advertising also eats data volume. Ad blockers, for example AdBlock Plus for Android, help to hide the annoying advertising here.

Data volume is still not enough

If all the tips did not help and you still need a lot of data volume and do not want to change certain points, it only helps in the end to order a new data tariff within your contract.

And if you don’t want a different tariff, then only the flight mode is useful. There is no better way to protect your data volume.


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