China warns tech companies to not follow U.S sanctions- US Huawei ban

finally, China has sent a clear message to top tech giants working in china. Dell, Samsung, and Microsoft are now on radar.

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China warns tech companies to not follow U.S sanctions

Dell, Microsoft, and Samsung get warning from Chinese Govt. to not comply with Trump orders

After Donald Trump latest sanctions on major Chinese companies including Huawei Mobiles, China has come forwarded to take a clear stance to support its national companies. On Saturday, Chinese finance officials has clearly sent message to all American and other technology companies to not stop working with Chinese companies. If they do so, they will be facing serious consequences.

Chinese administration has clearly said to the foreign companies “they must not block supply to chines companies neither they should comply with Trump’s order.

Similarly, China has assured foreign technology companies including Dell, Samsung, and Microsoft that if they keep follow normal operation as were going before; there will be no financial consequences.

It seems that China has finally decided to play its role clearly to support domestic products and local companies. After U.S sanctions on Chinese companies and heavy duty implementation on a number of products; there were a lot of speculation about the future of these companies. But now, as it is clear that this trade war will put world economy under a great threat.

Whereas on the other side, officials of Dell, Samsung, and Microsoft is taking no stance yet as it has become the matter of great concern not only for both countries but all companies interlinked with each other. Any aggressive step can lead towards an unstoppable unemployment and economy crisis.

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