5 secret Hacks
5 secret Hacks


If you have a device with Android, you certainly know several features provided by this operating system. The features are many, and new ones appear with each update. But aren’t you missing something?

Technology fanatic or not, there is certainly a lot that your Android is capable of doing and you don’t know. How about checking 5 of these features to use your device much more fully? Check out!

1 – Expanded vocabulary

One of the main functions of cell phones is the writing of messages, whether by sms, Whatsapp, Facebook, and others. You probably spend several minutes of your day typing. How about making this process faster?

Android has a feature that will help you with that. Whenever you want to “teach” the system a word it doesn’t know, be it someone’s name, slang or a foreign language, just write the word in the message and press the screen with your finger on it for a few seconds. Thus, it will be added to the Android dictionary, which you can suggest in the future as you type.

2 – SMS from anywhere

Speaking of messages, there is an interesting function for those sad days when you forget your precious cell phone at home. It is the sending of SMS by the computer or by the tablet.

Through applications like MightyText, you can send SMS using the Google Chrome browser. In addition to the application, you must also download the extension for the browser. And to make it even easier, the user can sync Google contacts with Chrome. It is worth mentioning that the shipping costs are the same as the cell phone!

3 – What is it called?

Losing your cell phone is a nightmare. How are your contacts, photos, messages? And your dear device that disappears forever? Not to mention the money spent to buy a new one. Because if you forget your smartphone somewhere, a good soul and Android functionality are enough to prevent all of this from happening.

The operating system comes with a feature where you can register your name, email, and an alternate number for the person to call if they find your device. All of this is available on the lock screen, so that whoever found it will not access any other information about you, except the one you selected.

Just go to Settings and select Security, Screen security and Owner information.

4 – Full integration

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often start to read an interesting text in one place and fail to finish. It may be a nice link that you were reading at home, but you had to run without finishing.

Android solves this type of problem with the ability to allow access to tabs that you have opened on other devices, if you are using Google Chrome. Just go to “Other devices” in the Chrome menu.

In addition, another good idea is to download the Chrome Mobile extension. Through it, the user can send pages offline from the computer to read on the cell phone or tablet while without internet.

5 – I can’t speak now

Several times, we receive a call that we cannot answer, either because we are in a meeting, at the cinema or at the doctor. For many people, it may seem impolite to hang up the phone while it rings. Or it can even generate anxiety to know what is happening and why the other one does not respond.

Android has a way to mute the call without appearing rude to the caller. You can write and save a text message to be sent automatically to the caller, letting you know that you will be back later. Just go to Mobile Settings and Quick Answers.

Did you find the tips useful? To get the most out of your Android, it’s good to explore all these features. Are there any others that you would like to share here?


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