Cheapest smartphones you can find on Daraz 11 11 sale November 2019

Daraz 11 11 sale November 2019 has brought a number of mobile phones at lowest price. Check best discount deals on Samsung, Huawei, Infinix, Nokia.

daraz 11 11

Cheapest smartphones you can find on Daraz 11 11 sale November 2019

7 huge discounted smartphones on Daraz 11 11 sale


Daraz 11 11 sale is in the town with a lot of discounted items. In this article I am going to share with you some of the cheapest smartphones you can buy from here. Cheap mobile phone deals have remained mobile customers a favourite topic. Just a couple of years before there wa no concept of cheap smartphone deals as there was no online store offering big discounted online deals. But now, there are a range of online mobile phone selling shops provides discounted prices on latest and old smartphones. is one of them.


This year the company announced its biggest sale of the year in November, 2019. So far, I have gone through various mobile phone prices and compared them to other online mobile selling shops. There is a great difference in price that I will share with for sure.

I will also provide the links of discounted mobiles on Daraz 1111 website. If you have a decent budget you can buy even an expensive mobile phone. So let’s start

1-     Mi Mix 2s 6GB Ram

Old price-57000

On Daraz 11 11– 39,999

2-     Nokia 2.2

Old price- 20,000

Daraz 11 11- 15,499

3-     Redmi Note 7

Old price– 34,000

Daraz 11 11 price- 29,400

4-     Y9 2018

Old price- 27,499

Daraz 11 11 New price- 22499

5-     Nokia 7.2

Old price:47,999

Daraz 11 11 price: 42,500

6-     Nokia 6.2

Old price: 37,000

Daraz 11 11 price: 31,999

7-     Samsung galaxy a9

Old price: 70,000

Daraz 11 11 price: 54,999

In above mentioned list, some of the phones are new and a few is old.  Still, you can avail a high margin buying from daraz 11 11 sale. If you want to buy an expensive phone, do not forget to visit this sale.


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