Can I use my phone as a remote for my tv?

How to turn smartphone into a remote control
How to turn smartphone into a remote control

Can I use my phone as a remote for my tv?

Smartphone as a remote control: everything you need to know

Who hasn’t accidentally broken the remote control of their television, stereo, air conditioner or any other device? In this way you find yourself in the condition of not being able to change channels from a distance or not being able to switch off the device, and having to subsequently purchase a universal or equivalent one.

Now thanks to our smartphones you will be able to quickly remedy the lack of the remote control and perhaps you will not even go back to the old classic remote control, thanks to the possibility of using only the smartphone to control all the devices at home.

Remote control smartphone: Huawei P30 , P20 , Mate 20 , P10 , Samsung Galaxy S10 , S9 , A40 and A50 support infrared port

The first thing to check is that your Smartphone has infrared technology IRDA : many top of the range have the infrared port, while among those of medium and low range this port is omitted. We find it on many Huawei such as the new Huawei P30 , in all its versions, but also on P20 , Mate 20 , P10 , but also on Samsung Galaxy S10 , S9 , up to S6 , and on less famous models such as Samsung A40 and A50 .

In general, however, it is always advisable to check the network to confirm that a device supports this technology, in order to eliminate any doubts.

Mobile phone remote control: an adapter is required for iPhone and Android without infrared

Another quite fundamental thing, to transform a smartphone into a remote control immediately, is that it is Android: in fact, as regards iOS ( iPhone ) the situation is slightly different, since you will have to buy a small adapter to have infrared transmission, which it is also possible to do it on Android models if they do not have one, so as not to have to give up this alternative.

There are many around the web: for iOS you will need to take the dedicated Apple one, while for Android it will be enough to take a universal transmitter that you can conveniently insert into the 3.5 jack input (that of the headphones).

But how can we use infrared rays to change channels or raise the temperature of the air conditioning?

How to turn your smartphone into a remote control: instructions for use?

Many of the smartphones that have IRDA communication are also equipped with an integrated application for managing and configuring the transmission with the devices we have in the house.

The configuration is not very demanding, once we open the application we choose the type of device we want to control: TV, air conditioner, DVD player, decoder, projector, stereo or we can customize a profile and add any other device in our possession that needs of a remote control.

Once the device with which we want to communicate has been selected, the brand to which it belongs must then be chosen, the smartphone pointed at the device and click the button that starts the configuration.

At this moment the phone tries various communication codes until it identifies the right one that will allow us to connect it perfectly with the device, at the end of this phase, our remote control will open which will not only allow us to change channels and all the other classic functions, but it will give us the possibility to check the list of programs, to check the schedules and the plots on the internet: a lot of functions that are possible on a TV but often make us give up watching what is currently being broadcast on TV , while in this way we will be able to read this information comfortably on our smartphone.

Remote control app for mobile

In the event that there is not already a dedicated application on our smartphone, there are many that we can find on the Google Play Store: they are often designed by the production companies of televisions or in general of the electronic devices that we want to control, and it is convenient to download a of these already branded according to the brand we own since they certainly have a faster configuration and a greater communication capacity than a generic App.

In short, in this way you can solve the problem if the remote control breaks, but you could also simplify your life by controlling all the devices with your smartphone, which in any case you always have with you. Plus you will find many additional functions when you connect it to your TV and you will hardly miss your old system.


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