British Government Allows Huawei to work on its 5g Network

The US also emphasized Britain, that if it signed a deal with Huawei, the sharing of intelligence could be limited.

British Government Allows Huawei to work on its 5g Network

British Government Allows Huawei to work on its 5g Network

The Federal Govt of Britain confirms that in spite of USA pressure, it has decided to work with Chinese leading technology brand

This decision came after many months. Huawei will start working on establishing 5g network in Britain. But it will not be allowed to work on certain important and sensitive parts.

According to the BBC Report, British Government is ready to work with Huawei on setting up new fastest data communication network. But it wouldn’t allow Chinese mobile brand to peek into sensitive areas.

Basically Huawei will be allowed to work on 35% of total projects. It will also work on Radio mists. Whereas it wouldn’t be able to work in or nearest areas of atomic installations. According to the head of Huawei in Britain, Vector Zeng, “The local government has released us a permit to work on the 5g setup in country. Moreover, we shall be able to provide communication support for the local customers.”

For him, this step will enable Britain to compete in the technology field overall. Simultaneously, it will be able to become the part of a competitive technology market. The British Prime Minister was facing pressure from the United States and some Conservative MPs in this regard who wanted to ban the Chinese company.

An official in the Trump administration has said that the decision has left the United States frustrated. The Chinese government warned the UK that if the company was banned, other trade and investment plans could react strongly. 3 out of 4 mobile networks operating in the UK have already decided to install and use Huawei’s 5g product. A mobile phone network core refers to voice and other data that travels across multiple sub networks and computer servers to the desired destination.

The united states officials have high concerns about Huawei penetration into its fellow countries security matters. For her, Huawei is subsidiary organization working under Chinese government.

But US actions regarding Huawei intensified in 2018 when the Trump administration banned companies like AT&T and others from dealing with Huawei phones, while Huawei was banned by the US president in May last year.


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