Best Samsung Smart TV 2020 Buying Guide (August 26, 2020)

Best Samsung Smart TV 2020 Buying Guide
Best Samsung Smart TV 2020 Buying Guide

Best Samsung Smart TV 2020 Buying Guide (August 26, 2020)

Find out which is the best Samsung Smart TV of 2020, compare prices and offers, and find the Smart TV that best suits your needs in this guide.

To buy the Samsung Smart TV that best suits your needs, evaluating the numerous offers on the market with full knowledge of the facts, it is good to have an idea as comprehensive as possible of the offer not only commercial, but also technological of the Samsung universe. 

For several years now, Samsung has confirmed itself as the number 1 TV brand in the world : the variety and quality of the Korean company’s offer is very high, with substantial investments in research, so much so that it is almost impossible to understand the revolutionary scope of some innovations technologies without risking trivializing the topic or getting lost in the maze of scientific literature.

Samsung smart TV: prices and offers

If on the one hand it is true that the price of a high-end Samsung TV is not always within everyone’s reach, as it can cost a few thousand euros, on the other hand it must be considered that, given the speed with which they are placed on the market new models, it’s pretty easy to come across very good deals for customers, and you can even pay 40-50% less than the original price for a TV produced the year before.

The best Samsung Smart TV

It is impossible to decide which is the best Samsung Smart TV . Or rather, it can be said that some expensive flagship model, like a QLED 8K, is the best, but this is pretty obvious. The important thing, as we have said, is that it is the best according to our specific technology and design needs.

Given the market trend and the technological acceleration we are witnessing, it can be said that the best Samsung Smart TV is the one with the best possible technological equipment at the same time as its economic availability. For this reason we reiterate that, if you want to buy a new TV, sifting through the Samsung Smart TV offers is a must, in order to be able to grab the most advanced product possible with the lowest possible expense.

Best budget Samsung Smart TV

If our spending ceiling is quite limited, perhaps only a few hundred euros, this does not mean that we cannot take home a more than valid product that is in step with the times. Samsung’s range of 4K UHD Smart TVs , for example, offers several solutions to enable you to purchase an affordable Samsung Smart TV at more than acceptable prices. Here too, sifting through Samsung TV offers on the Online Shop of their official website or on Amazon  and eBay is a must. Buying a 49 ”Ultra HD 4K for a few hundred euros is absolutely possible.

Samsung smart TVs: the best models

it is not possible in this space to examine all Samsung Smart TVs that deserve attention for their particular characteristics. To simplify, we will try to highlight some prominent models in terms of inch sizes.

The dimensions , in fact, are a variable that is always quite clear in the mind of the buyer, since the space available inside their home is an objective fact, and can be a good compass when delving into a vast catalog such as that of Samsung Smart TV.

They can offer us a 55-inch at a bargain price , but if the available space can barely hold a 40-inch or a 32-inch then there is little to do.

Under 30 inches

The choice of quality for those who think small can easily fall on the N4300 HD TV , available in 24 and 28 inches. Equipped with an HD panel, it does not betray color expectations thanks to HDR that guarantees accurate details in both light and dark scenes, and to Ultra Clean View, an advanced algorithm that returns clean images without distortion.

Equipped with a simple and intuitive smart menu, you can easily access your favorite programs. In addition, thanks to the SmartThings app we can easily access features such as Remote Control and Mirror Screen: mobile phone and TV will connect quickly and easily.

Between 48 and 55 inches

Nothing better than a 55 ”QLED panel to admire the great masterpieces of art. The 55 ”Samsung The Frame Smart TV , in fact, is not only a highly functional and technological Smart TV, but has a strong vocation for art . Starting with the elegant and modern frame, complete with passe-partout, which delimits the panel.

Unlike The Serif, which loves to be the center of attention, The Frame’s ideal place is on a wall, which becomes a gateway to the world of art , for an exciting and engaging experience. By activating the Art Store it is possible to have unlimited access to the art and photography collections, from the great classics to contemporary works: we are talking about the largest collection of works of art ever designed for a television.

It goes without saying that The Frame offers everything you could want from a smart platform, with lots of advanced features .


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