Best Method to make money online in Pakistan with Mobile Phone

Best Method to make money online in Pakistan
Best Method to make money online in Pakistan

Best Method to make money online in Pakistan with Mobile Phone

How to earn money online for students via careem?

Earning money in Pakistan has never been so easy. Whether you are student, a graduate, or a person looking for an employment, job hunting is a tough task. But since, internet has revolutionized Pakistan; it has brought endless opportunities to show your skills without any limitations.

In this article, I am going to share you a very smart and easy trick to earn money online in Pakistan that practically works for students, graduates, and unemployed person.

There are various scams that advertise everywhere in Pakistan to attract common mass. You may find some data entry jobs online in 2020, or ads work, but for the sake of reader’s information, most of them are fraud. There is no short cut to earn money online sitting in home. Yes, freelancing is a way to make money online but still it requires a decent skill to sell.

What if you do not possess any skill and still want to earn real cash in Pakistan on your mobile phone?

Become a careem captain.

To become a careem captain you have a number of options to register your vehicle. They are:
  1. Bike
  2. Go
  3. Go mini
  4. Riksha
  5. Go plus
  6. Business
  7. Pickup

You can see this list include people belong to every circle of life. If you are student and want to make mony in Pakistan, you just need to register your bike with careem and start your earning.

Similarly, if you own a car, or riksha, you can start earning money online withoput any hassle. You can become the boss of your own business.

What is the process to become careem captain?

You need to submit following details to your nearest careem captain office:
  1. Original driving license
  2. Personal mobile phone number
  3. Picture
  4. Vehicle booklet

Once your registration is completed, you will get necessary training that is very easy to follow. Within no time you will start earning without facing any problem.

If you want to register on careem as captain, simple visit following link via your mobile phone:


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