Best games for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite: (August 24, 2020 Update)

Best games for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite: (August 24, 2020 Update)
Best games for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite: (August 24 2020 Update)

Best games for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite: (August 22, 2020 Update)

Top 3 ever green nintendo switch games

A colorful journey to discover the best productions currently available on Switch, a must for any Nintendo Difference lover.

Drawing up a sort of ranking of the best games for Nintendo Switch is certainly not an easy task. And not because the hybrid console of the big N – later even just portable with the Lite model – is not full of worthy titles in its library.

On the contrary, since its release in 2017, the latest technological gem of the Kyoto giant has hosted in its line-up countless works in interesting pixels and polygons, often even hitting the masterpiece . As has always happened for its consoles, even with Switch Nintendo relies first of all on the exclusives, born in the laborious forges of the many talented first party teams of the Super Mario house.

Not only that, the choice of the best titles for Nintendo Switch – and Switch Lite, considering they are the same – is also inevitably influenced by personal taste. From the genre of belonging to the visual – whether in first or third person -, passing through the topics covered or even for the love for a specific saga.

Speaking of sagas, the Japanese platform has hosted – and will also host in the future – several new chapters of successful franchises, which have been able to reach new expressive heights on the hybrid. There is also no shortage of conversions of classic PS4, PC and Xbox One previously unexpected, which really scream at the technological miracle considering the technical skills available.

Having made this necessary premise, let’s go then to embark on a list that wants more to be a “advice for purchases”, perhaps for those who have only now approached the so-called Nintendo Difference. Without any ranking claims, we just have to hold on to the Joy-Con and discover together the 20 best Nintendo Switch games currently on the market .

Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

We could only start with him, the mustachioed plumber of Italian origins who quickly became the brightest icon of the Nintendo team. And all of the videogame universe. On the other hand, Super Mario Odyssey represents the first great exclusive release for Nintendo Switch, and is proposed as a great sandbox adventure in which our hero will have to save – as is now tradition – Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil one – but not too much! – Bowser.

All this traveling between different worlds, some very close to reality, accompanied by an exceptional ally: the Cappy hat , equipped with peculiar abilities, which replace the usual power ups. Using his sentient hat, Mario can attack enemies, to possess them, to solve puzzles and reach otherwise precluded areas of the scenario. We are faced with yet another epochal journey of the Nintendo mascot, made of strokes of genius, superfine level design and gameplay with decisive innovations. A must for every Switch user out there!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)

If you’re still hungry for Nintendo icons, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the game for Switch for you. Especially if you appreciate fighting game experiences that don’t take themselves too seriously, where you can fight alone or with friends – both in local and online multiplayer. Moreover, with a cast of selectable wrestlers never so vast, in which characters from the company’s most popular sagas with almond eyes appear, together with very welcome guest stars.

The levels, game modes and tactical elements also increase, so much so that we potentially hold the definitive Super Smash Bros. in our hands, enriched by a plethora of DLCs in case you are tired of using the “usual” heroes and villains included in the base game. In short, colorful and irreverent, Ultimate adapts to the needs of any player , from the most hardcore to the “casualone”, without disappointing anyone.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020)

Moving between the most recent releases, it is impossible to forget to include Animal Crossing: New Horizons among the best games for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite  . After eight years of absence from home consoles, the series lands on the hybrid with the air of the champion, dragging the already famous and appreciated life simulator to new glories.

On this tour, the developers take us to a seemingly deserted island, through an exclusive Nook Inc. package, and in which to create a real tropical paradise in which to attract other islanders / players. The goal is to create a resort full of inhabitants and activities, to be customized in every detail . There is no lack of those small and satisfying daily gestures that have made Animal Crossing a mass phenomenon, for a depth of play never seen before in this series and a rhythm as familiar as it is innovative.


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