Best 3 innovations in Mobile technology in 2019

mobile technology is expanding fast. Read the latest 3 best technologies introduced in 2019 include 5g, fast battery charging and punch hole screen.

Best 3 innovations in Mobile technology in 2019 - phonebechdou

Best 3 innovations in Mobile technology in 2019

Get an overview of latest top 3 technologies introduced at the end of the year

  • 5G technology
  • Fast Battery charging
  • Punch hole screen

2019- a year of innovative mobile features

Mobile phone technology is becoming extremely popular in every business. Whether it is physical business or b2b commerce, mobile technology has brought every industry closed each other. Now every entrepreneur is interconnected with it. From the right start of Symbian mobiles and now high tech 5g technology devices have encompassed through a great journey.

This decade has seen some of greatest achievements in mobile phone arena. In the beginning when Google introduced android system for smartphones, it as considered a revolution in mobile phone technology. But with the later improvements proved that there is an endless ocean that is still to be discovered yet.

Although there are a number of features every mobile phone company tries to introduce in new phone, but inn this article I will specifically describe top 5 mobile technologies introduced in 2019:

1-      5g technology

When 3g technology was launched, every mobile phone user was surprised to experience high level of internet speed. In the promos and commercial mobile networking companies and manufacturers profoundly commercialized this feature. None of them have ever imagined about the 5g super-fast speed of internet before the expectations.

China is the first country who has launched this technology in European country. Although Korea has already testing it in its country. But officially it is Huawei ho has launched 5g network in many European countries.

5g technology has suspended the concept of delay in internet downloading and speed. Downloading huge files is a matter of seconds now. Still 5g technology is not available in Pakistan but we expect that it will be launched in Pakistan soon.

2-Fast battery charging

Mobile phone battery plays a crucial role in user experience. 2500 mah battery was considered enough in smartphones. Since 201, a competition started among mobile phone companies to make huge batteries for maximum mobile phone activity. Later upto 5000 mah mobile phone batteries ere launched but there is a huge spec as missing. It took a long time to charge. Mobile technicians worked on mobile phone fast battery charging. Now we have upto 40 w charging options. Mobile fast battery charging option energizes phone battery within no time.

From 5 w to 48 w charging options are available. A phone can be fully charged in 40 minutes maximum.

3-Punch hole screen

Punch hole screen is the latest technology in mobile phones. Earlier smartphones were working on notch feature. This feature allowed users to enjoy the maximum screen size. Furthermore, if we go a little back, we saw curved and edged display by Samsung too. But now, at the end of 2019, punch hole screen mobile phones have launched.

Punch hole mobile phones carry selfie camera on the right of left corner of the screen. And they have consumed a very little space.


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