Apple launches 5 new iPhone 12 in 2020- release date for iphone 12

iphone 12 2020 release date

iphone 12 lauches 2020 - phonebechdou

Apple launches 5 new iPhone 12 in 2020- release date for iphone 12

iphone 12 design, iphone 12 2020- iphone 12 leaks


iphone 12 pro price in Pakistan: $999

Apple iPhone 2020 release date: September, 2020

“Apple is going to launch 4 iPhone 12 on same day first time in history”

The source of this news is JP Morgan which is known for upcoming mobile phone leaks. It will be first time in history when world’s leading mobile phone company will be launching 4 iPhone 12 in 2020. According to a report by famous online news mobile website CNET, Apple is planning to lauch its 5g mobile phone in 2020.

iphone 12 price

According to the officials of the company the price of iphone 12 will be affordable. It wouldn’t be less than iphone 11 but it will be a little higher than its previous version. Moreover, there will be a couple of new features in this new phone such as processor, camera, and better ram.

iPhone 12 2020 display size

iPhone 12 display size will be as following:

iPhone 12: 5.4 inches

iPhone 12 pro: 6.1 inches

iPhone 12 pro max: 6.7 inches

iPhone 12 leaks

By observing iPhone 12 leaks, we can say it is being equipped by a new sensor shift technology that will support the device in photo shooting an video capturing. Sensor shift technology will also enhance camera quality result by minimizing the noise. It will also assist in making great pictures and videos on moving objects.

Similarly, prediction and rumors are also claimed by famous blogger Ming chi Kuo. He stated that Apple will launch iPhone se in the beginning of 2020. So it seems that Apple will launch 5 iPhones in 2020.

iPhone 12 2020 new features:

we can expect following features in iPhone 12 2020:

  • 5g technology support
  • Sensor shift technology
  • 3d facing sensor
  • Dual camera setup in regular iPhone 12 model
  • 4g support in simple iPhone 12
  • Ultra sonic finger print scanner

Ultrasonic finger print scanner in Apple iPhone 2020

It is strange that Apple will use QUALCOMM ultra sonic finger print in its new iPhone 12 because the same sensor is being used in Samsung s10 and s10 plus. There are also news that apple is deciding to move back to its touch id feature. Simultaneously, Apple may use ultra-sonic 3d max finger print. It provides better security feature. In this sensor, a user will use 2 fingers to unlock mobile phone.


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