Apple iPad Air (2020) review: iPad air Price in Pakistan

Apple iPad Air (2020) review
Apple iPad Air (2020) review

Apple iPad Air (2020) review: iPad air Price in Pakistan

The 2020 Apple iPad Air packs the design and power of an iPad Pro, with the best accessories and the most needed features. Combined with stereo speakers, a huge display and USB Type-C, this tablet can be the best choice for both professionals and casual users.

For the increased cost, you get a larger screen, better sound, faster web browsing, a much more powerful processor, better Apple Pencil support, and a superior build. This makes the fourth generation iPad Air an excellent long-term investment and the best Apple tablet for 2020.

Design and display

 Apple iPad Air (2020) impresses with its design and lightness from the first second. The tablet is very thin – only 6 mm. The bezels around the display are exactly of the thickness to make it comfortable to hold the device in your hands without accidentally touching the screen. The 2020 iPad Air display is the ideal 10.9-inch display that’s not too big or too small. The screen is wide, which is convenient for work tasks like writing texts or surfing the web. Apple has installed a 2360 x 1640 IPS panel in the new Air, which gives a pixel density of 264 ppi.

 The panel supports the P3 color profile and True Tone technology, which adjusts the display tones to suit the environment. The option can be turned off, but I see no reason for this, since it can only interfere with those who need the most accurate colors for professional tasks. In all other cases, True Tone is a useful feature and reduces eye strain. The iPad Air display is laminated, unlike the budget 2020 iPad. This means that here we will not see a gap between the screen cover and the panel itself, so drawing with the Apple Pencil becomes more pleasant, natural.

In addition, the display received an oleophobic coating to protect against smudges and prints, and an anti-reflective coating is also available, which helps when used in bright light. The iPad Air (2020) does not have a 120Hz refresh rate. The new Air 4 only supports 60Hz, although that was enough for most situations. In addition, the 60Hz refresh rate has a positive impact on battery life. Another feature the Air lacks is Face ID face unlock. Unlike the iPad Pro, we only get a Touch ID fingerprint scanner built into the power button.

Cameras iPad

Air 2020 Although the resolution is low, the main camera of the Apple iPad Air (2020) is quite good for a tablet. Photos and videos are not very detailed, but in daylight the results are good. Apple installed one 12MP primary lens in this model, which can shoot 4K / 60 fps video. There is also a slow-mo recording at 1080p / 240 fps. Other features include continuous autofocus and video stabilization, although the latter is only available at 1080p and 720p. There is only a microphone located next to the main lens. There is no flash, no additional cameras, no LiDAR sensor, unlike the iPad Pro.

 However, for most users, these functions are not important, and only increase the price, so it is quite logical that Apple abandoned them. On the front, there is a 7MP front camera. It is capable of shooting video at 1080p / 60 fps. That’s more than enough for Zoom or FaceTime video calls. However, for taking selfies, it is better to take a smartphone, because the new iPad Air is only capable of taking good photos in bright, natural light.

Performance and capabilities

The new iPad Air (2020) is great for work. The tablet supports the Magic Keyboard with trackpad and the second generation Apple Pencil. The charging stylus is magnetically attached to the top side. The hardware is powerful enough to do whatever it takes, and the new iPad Air has everything an iPad Pro can boast.

The tablet easily handles video editing, drawing, web surfing with many tabs and any other task. Inside is a new Apple A14 Bionic processor with 4GB of RAM. It seems that the amount of RAM is small, but this is when compared to tablets or smartphones on Android. IPadOS has excellent resource optimization, so 4GB is more than enough.

Entertainment tablet

While the Apple iPad Air (2020) is primarily a tablet for work tasks, it’s great for playing games or watching videos. The display here is excellent at reproducing high-definition content. It has high detail, good contrast and realistic color spaces. Combined with the powerful stereo speakers, the fourth iPad Air is a superb movie show device.

In the basic assembly of the iPad Air 4, we have 64 GB of internal storage available. This is not too much, although more than enough even for “hard” games. And here they go flawlessly, loading times are much faster than the budget iPad, where quality sound creates a completely different experience.

Sound quality

As for the speakers, Apple hasn’t explained if there are two or four. There are four grilles – two on each side of the iPad Air (2020). Apparently, this was enough to deceive most users, but judging by my tests, there are two of them. If you close the upper holes, the sound will not change in any way, therefore, the transducers are located only behind the lower grilles.

 However, the location is not the most convenient; when working, I often covered the lower speakers with my hands, although the sound continued to partially come out through the upper ones. Be that as it may, the sound quality of the Apple iPad Air 2020 is very high, especially for a tablet. The music sounds loud and clear, the entire frequency range is saturated, even the bass is felt. Due to the location of the transducers on different sides of the device, a stereo effect is created.


The Apple iPad Air (2020) has proven to be an excellent tablet that can completely replace the iPad Pro. This model also has a stylish design, support for the Magic Keyboard and the second generation Apple Pencil stylus. The contrast screen is great for gaming and watching videos, when stereo speakers with stunning sound quality only contribute to this.


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