Android Screen Recording on Google Play Games: How does it work?

Android Screen Recording
Android Screen Recording

Android Screen Recording on Google Play Games: How does it work?

Where can I find the recorded video from Play Games

There are several ways to record videos in Android games, including built-in system tools or third-party utilities. Also, the Google Play Games application provides a tool for recording what is happening on the screen. In the “System Administrator’s Blog” we will analyze in detail the algorithm of actions for capturing gameplay in video format.

How to record a game via Google Play?

Play Games is a proprietary mobile client from Google. Through it, you can control the games that are installed on your Android device. It has additional tools including screen recording. First, you need to download the client from the official Play Market store, since it is not preinstalled in a “clean” operating system.

To record a video of gameplay, proceed as follows:

1. Launch the Google Play Games app with a green gamepad icon.

2. The main screen displays a list of games that do not require installation. Their gameplay is simple, but they are quick to launch, and they also allow you to record your desktop and other on-screen action.

3. Click on the icon of any game. When you click on the “Play” button, it will start immediately, but this is not yet required.

4. A new window with statistics and a button to start will open. Tap on the video camera icon located in the upper right corner.

5. In the window that appears, you are asked to select the recording quality: 720 HD or 480 SD.

6. After selecting the video quality, click on the “Start” button.

7. In the window with information, confirm the action by clicking the “Start” button.

After that, the game will start, but an additional panel with recording controls will appear in the lower left corner. Tap the red circle button to start capturing gameplay.

If necessary, you can minimize the game and open the desktop. The recording will continue and the controls will remain in the same place.

Recording controls

The control panel can be hidden. To do this, tap the central circle once – the video from the front camera. All instruments are curtailed and will not interfere with the game.

  1. The controls for the gameplay recording function in Google Play Games are as follows:
  2. a button to turn the microphone on or off. By default, voice recording is activated. To turn it off, just tap the top icon once;
  3. work with the front camera. After disabling it, the application icon will be displayed in the lower left corner in a reduced size;
  4. button to start or stop recording gameplay.

Once you start recording, the controls will automatically hide. To return them, tap on the icon that remains on the screen.

Where can I find the recorded video from Play Games

By default, recorded videos are saved to the Screencast folder on the internal memory of the smartphone. After recording, it is proposed to open or share the project. But you can also find it like this:

1. Start the file manager you are using. It can be a built-in tool or an additionally installed utility.

2. Go to the section with the internal memory of the device.

3. Open the Movies folder, then click on Screencast.

A list of recorded videos from Google Play Games will be displayed. The titles of the videos contain the date and time of creation, so it is easy to navigate in them and find what you need.

You can record the process of passing the game not only with the help of third-party software, which is sometimes difficult to understand, but also through a mobile client from Google. Video quality settings and controls are intuitive and easy. And earlier it was considered how to turn off traffic saving on Android . Write in the comments, what programs do you use to capture gameplay?


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