Android 12 Updates in 2021: 5 Top Latest Features That will Stun you

Android 12 Updates in 2021
Android 12 Updates in 2021

Android 12 in a practical test This is what the new features look like

And in the end, the time has come to give a change to the interface of the Android operating system: the starting point goes through the words ” Material You “, destined to progressively replace the Material Design – introduced in 2014 – and to unify all the Google product interfaces.

 The process will not be immediate and will start starting, as expected, from the Pixel devices and from Android 12 which will be launched in the autumn in its stable version. Some news can however already be tested with the first beta of Android 12 which will be available today (remember that the first GSI images were leaked in the afternoon) .

Google has defined Material You as the most important change ever introduced in Android interfaces , and in fact, from the first official screens there are news on all fronts: new shapes, new colors, new effects and transitions .

 Android 12 includes the biggest design change in Android history.

We rethought the whole experience, from colors to shapes, lighting and movement. As a result, Android 12 is more expressive, dynamic and personal than ever

Google has already focused on some of the main new features of Android 12 concerning the interface but also the security aspects.


Users will be able to change the interface with custom colors and redesigned widgets.

 For example, the user can choose the background of the home screen, the system will determine which are the dominant colors, which are the complementaries and will apply them within the operating system (to the shading of notifications, to the lock screen, to the volume controls, to widgets and so on)

Animations and smoother operating system

 Google promises to improve system animations, making them even smoother; the interface will respond more quickly, the smartphone will be faster, more responsive and with better energy efficiency (with perceptible advantages also in terms of autonomy). The result was achieved thanks to multiple optimizations under the body, including the management of certain processes by the CPU;

Redesigned sections

Essential parts of the interface have been redesigned such as the notification area, quick settings and even the power button. Everything has been modified to make the interaction even simpler, more immediate and aesthetically appealing;


Android 12 includes new features that allow the user to be informed about which apps are accessing personal data and to exercise direct control over them. It starts with a new dashboard dedicated to privacy that contains all the settings on the permissions granted to the apps, information on the data that the apps access and on the frequency with which this happens;

The dashboard also gives the possibility to immediately revoke the permission to access data granted to certain apps. Google also added a new indicator in the top right corner of the status bar that signals when an app accesses the microphone and camera.; if the user intends to immediately revoke these accesses, he has two new options in the Quick Settings.

Location privacy

 And again: for users who do not want to let the apps know their exact location, but who do not want to completely inhibit the location functions, Google has prepared new permissions that allow them to grant access to an approximate and not exact location. (e.g. Weather apps have no reason to know the exact location).

In Nutshell

Finally, Google mentioned Private Compute Core , which will be an integral part of Android 12 and which will ensure the confidentiality of personal information, while enabling advanced functions such as Live Caption , Now Play and Smart Reply: Audio and language processing will be done directly on the device without requiring network access.

Some of the innovations are described will become part of the first beta version of Android 12 which will be downloadable today, others will arrive during the year and will be an integral part of the stable version of the new, great update of Google’s operating system.


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