Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) price in Pakistan: Review & full specs

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) price in Pakistan: Review & full specs
Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) price in Pakistan: Review & full specs

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) price in Pakistan: Review & full specs

A tablet that presents itself with the guise of low cost and that can offer an optimal entertainment experience with a wide range of services.

  1. Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 price in Pakistan is 19,477
  2. PTA Tax on Amazon Fire HD 8 2020: 5,000 pkr

Amazon revises the flagship product of its Fire HD line upwards: the new Amazon Fire HD 8 comes with improved performance, greater speed, greater storage space and long-lasting battery, thus optimizing a project that, leveraging low cost offer, provides an ideal compromise between specifications and performance.

From here, in fact, we must start: from the price . Amazon Fire HD 8 is available at a price of 19,477, which clearly expresses the nature of a tablet born for entertainment and leisure, but free from bottlenecks to obtain a fluid experience when the expectations do not go towards high-profile processing.

Before asking how the new Kindle Fire HD 8 works, we need to ask ourselves another question and look for an in-depth answer: what exactly is the Kindle Fire HD 8? Thinking that it is a “tablet”, in fact, is something extremely generic, which does not honor the intelligence of a concept whose guidelines seem to be extremely clear, direct, linear, coherent.

 The coherence of the project is within its own perimeter: Amazon has set itself objectives and achieved them, eliminating everything that was not considered necessary and thus being able to strongly contain the selling price of the device.

The result is a tablet that knows what it wants, that gets it with quality and that promises it with the strength of low-cost .

Amazon Fire HD 8: how much does it cost?

19,477 pkr, immediate availability and one cent less than the psychological threshold of 100 euros: this was the group’s goal from the beginning during the design phase. The announcement by Eric Saarnio, Vice President Amazon Devices EU, explains the very nature behind this choice:

The new Fire HD 8 tablet has features that everyone in the family appreciates: quality content, more storage, longer battery life, all at an incredibly affordable price. We’ve made the new Fire HD 8 even better, with faster performance, 32GB of storage, up to 12 hours of battery life, easily recharged with the USB-C cable

Versions and prices

The tablet is available in four versions available, identified by the two memory options (32 and 64GB) and the choice “with special offers” or “without special offers”. The difference between these two latest versions is now well known: “with special offers” shows small advertisements when the product is on stand-by, an option that however allows you to own the device at a lower cost than the version “without special offers”.

The specifications of the tablet

The 2020 edition of the Fire HD 8 offers first of all an 8-inch screen with 1280 × 800 definition, over a million pixels available for images and interface. Added to this is a new 2.0 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM , so as to obtain performance improved by 30% compared to the previous generation and greater possibilities of carrying out contemporary activities.

The storage space is available in two versions: 32 or 64GB , so you can choose your initial configuration, but with the possibility of expansion up to 1 TB via a simple MicroSD slot . This last aspect is very interesting for the very purposes of using the tablet: expanding the storage capacity so much means being able to carry a large number of video and audio content with you, for example for use in a car during a long journey: storing films and music without having to consume data traffic will be very useful and the tablet is an easy candidate for this function.

To all this is added the goodness of a no-limits cloud storage for any Amazon content or any image taken with the device itself.

The tablet has dimensions of 202x137x9.7 mm for a total weight of 335 grams. The external body is available in the only anthracite color, but can be customized through the use of the special interlocking covers.

 Two cameras available, both low profile: 2MPboth the front and the rear, for low quality shots, but especially designed for video calls and petty utilities that have nothing to do with photography: this is a tablet that wants to be something else and that bets more on interactivity than on photographic capabilities that the user will instead search for in their smartphone. 

This is not a minus: it is the result of a consistent compromise that wants to put in the user’s hands only what is needed in a specific context, for specific purposes, for specific uses.

The promised autonomy reaches 12 hours of activity with mixed navigation / video / music use: a full day, in short, with a confirmed quantification compared to the past as it is well calibrated on the traditional uses that can be done in the home environment.

 Unlike the previous model, however, charging takes place via USB-C , with charging speeds now limited to less than 5 hours. At the same time, it must be said that in stand-by the duration is extremely long.

The ability to preserve autonomy when turned off is exceptional, to the point that forgetting it on the sofa without putting it back in the office is certainly not a problem: even after a week the situation it will be almost similar, with the battery able to be preserved for a long time if the monitor is not stressed.

Can it become a work tool?           

No, the Fire HD 8 is not a work tool, or at least it is not by vocation. It was not created for this, nor is it designed for professional purposes.

 However – from personal experience – the previous generation has already been used with extreme satisfaction even in “business” environments, for limited responsibilities as a client of a high-intensity catering system: the improvements made in the new edition of the tablet allow us to suggest its adoption in specific environments thanks to the quality of the display, the battery life, the goodness of the Wifi reception and the lightness of the body. 

Fire HD 8 has in fact a particular quality: it costs little, very little, and where many are needed this aspect becomes essential.


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