After years of controversy: Fortnite for Android officially on the Google Play Store

After years of controversy: Fortnite for Android officially on the Google Play Store

After years of controversy: Fortnite for Android officially on the Google Play Store

The popular Battle Royale game Fortnite could previously only be downloaded for Android devices from the manufacturer Epic Games. Now the hype game is officially in the Google Play Store – but the developers of Epic Games should hardly be happy about that.

Download Fortnite here for android

The game Fortnite has been playing on Android smartphones for a long time. So far, anyone looking for it in the Google Play Store has not found it: until recently, Fortnite could only be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website of Epic Games. The developers wanted to avoid the high fees that they had to pay to Google in this case. Google collects 30 percent of the income via the Play Store.

Now Epic Games has apparently given in and is officially making Fortnite available through the Google Play Store. We will lead you to the download and explain why Epic Games has delayed this step for so long.

Fortnite for Android: Google escaped high fees

For Google, Epic Games’ decision not to bring the hit Fortnite to the Google Play Store was really expensive. Because the Android developer escaped high fees. Even if Fortnite is still playable for free, Google would have made a lot of money from the lively in-app purchases.

Google grabs a whopping 30 percent of all transactions that go through the Play Store. Google strictly rejected the fact that Epic Games offered its payment system via V-Bucks without an intermediary from Google and thus saved the cost of the fees. Therefore: No Fortnite directly from the Play Store.

The situation is different under iOS – Fortnite can be found there from the start in the official app store . The reason for this: Unlike Google, Apple does not allow apps to be installed past the app store. In order to be present on the platform, Epic has no choice but to share Apple in the sales. Now Epic Games has decided to put Fortnite for Android in the Google Play Store, too, and thereby involve Google in the sales. A key reason is Google’s use of third-party apps.

Fortnite as an APK: Third-party apps have a hard time

To install Fortnite on Android, the game can still be downloaded as an APK file from the Epic website. It can then be installed on supported Android devices after the appropriate security settings have been adjusted .

However, such third-party apps often have a hard time with Android: Software installation from unsafe sources, which must be activated by the user, is a common gateway for malware on Android. Basically, users are therefore advised against installing APKs. The unofficial installation channel also creates the incentive to circulate counterfeit versions of Fortnite that could potentially cause harm. Google expressly warns of this. If you want to get Epic Games as an APK file, you should always check before installation whether the source is trustworthy.


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