a5s oppo price in pakistan 2019- oppo a5s full specifications

a5s oppo price in Pakistan is Rs 24,999. Oppo a5s lowest price is mentioned here while Oppo a5s 4gb price is 29000. Check full specs here.

oppo a5s price and specs review - phone bech dou

a5s oppo price in pakistan 2019- oppo a5s full specifications

The 5 Best Things About Oppo A5s

a5s oppo price in pakistan 2019: Rs 24,999

oppo a5s retail price in Pakistan 2019 is quite appealing. This phone comes with two variants; 3gb ram and 4gb ram. It has a good resale value too. In this article, we shall discuss various aspects of oppo mid-range smartphone along with a short review. Oppo is mainly focusing on low mid-range, mid-range and premium smartphones.  There is a major reason behind it.

A perfect strategy for oppo regular customers

Oppo is following a perfect customer base strategy by generating unique cost-effective mobile phone devices.  Just look at all oppo mobile phones in 2019. These phones have sustained their market value. On the other side, almost every company has dropped their prices. Just see nokia which is offering up to 40% discount. In short, coming back to nokia a5s, it is a very good phone in the terms of performance and cash value.

5 best things about oppo a5s

  1. Waterdrop Screen
  2. 4230 mAh battey
  3. 2-inch Corning Gorilla glass screen
  4. Fingerprint unlock
  5. Upgraded cpu for seamless gaming

Oppo a5s full specifications

Weight: 170g
Storage: 32GB / 64GB
RAM: 2/3/4gb
Battery: 4230mAh
Processor: MTK MT6765
os: android 8.1
display: 6.2 inches
camera main: 13+2
selfie: 8mp

Oppo a5s display review

Oppo a5s carries a combination of some of spectacular features. In this review, we would discuss top 5 features as mentioned above. So coming to its display first; it has an immersive display with true striking colors. If you are a fan of big size screen with hd display, this phone can be your perfect partner. It comes with good pixel density that will enhance your photography and visualization experience. On the other hand, it is also available in a number of beautiful colors. So you have an option to buy in color you like most.

A5s oppo performance review

Next is a5s oppo performance. This phone carries three variants: 2 gb/3gb and 4gb. RAM performs a vital function in executing multitasking. If you are passionate about heavy gaming and core multitasking, you should definitely buy oppo as 4gb. With a decent storage option, and an advance gpu you can enhance your high end mobile computing. Subsequently, you can long last on mobile operations because its 4000 mah battery will keep you engage in seamless entertainment.


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