8 Practical tips to Free Storage From iPhone & iPad in 2021

8 Practical tips to Free Storage From iPhone & iPad in 2021

8 Practical tips to Free Storage From iPhone & iPad in 2021

Overflowing data storage in gadgets on iOS leads to sad consequences: the operating system “hangs”, resource-intensive programs slow down, it is impossible to download new applications.

Considering that it is impossible to increase the amount of memory in iPhones and iPads using flash cards, you have to squeeze the maximum out of the available gigabytes. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways to free up the memory of Apple devices without having to delete important files. 

Remove and reinstall apps on iPhone

With prolonged use, the programs on smart and tablet “overgrow” the cache, which takes up a lot of free memory gigs. A fresh installation will free the application from temporary files. 

Removing a program is easier than ever:

  1. Touch the application icon.
  2. Hold until the program icons begin to “wiggle”.
  3. Click on the cross in the left corner of the program you want to delete.
  4. Confirm the action in the window that appears with a question from the system to delete the application or not. 
  5. Press Home or “Done” in the upper right corner of the display, or swipe across the screen (depending on the device model). 

The algorithm of actions is suitable for mobile phones and Apple tablets. 

In gadgets running on the brand new iOS 14, there is another way how to free up space on an iPhone twelfth or another by deleting unnecessary programs from the application library. You can get there by going to the Home screen → swipe left across all pages. The programs are sorted by category here. To get rid of an application, just touch and hold its icon, press “Remove”. 

You can re-download the required programs from the App Store. 

Turn on iCloud Music Library

The service allows you to transfer files to cloud storage for quick access from any device from the “apple” family. On iCloud Drive, you can safely and conveniently store “tons” of gigs of music, vidos, photos, docks, etc.

For information: 5 GB is given free of charge, for the volume from 50 gigs to 2 TB you will have to pay. 

Due to the use of the “cloud” the memory on the device itself is not cluttered.

To free up space on an iPhone (for example, the eleventh), turn on the Icloud Media Library by doing the following:

  1. Let’s make sure that the current version of the operating system is used.
  2. Let’s enter the system by specifying a personal Apple ID in the settings of the iPhone or iPad.
  3. Here, in the “Settings”, click on the iCloud icon.
  4. Opposite the list of programs, drag the slider to the “On” position (only for those who want to use with the “cloud”).

In the latest versions of the Apple operating system, library sync is enabled by default.

Delete tracks and listen to music streaming

On average, one song takes ≈ 5–8 MB, which is nothing compared to the weight of games or books. But for music lovers, a music collection can number thousands of tracks, and this already significantly reduces the free space on the iPad, for example, such a MUQW2RK / A , or iPhone. 

The simplest method to free up memory on your iPhone is to delete downloaded songs from your device:

  • Go to the item “Basic settings”.
  • Select “Storage iPhone or iPad”.
  • Click on the “Music” section.
  • Delete all tracks or a specific artist, album, individual song by swiping to the left opposite the desired position. 

You will need an internet connection to stream music from Apple’s catalog or cloud library. Apple Music also requires a subscription. 

Delete Large Messages in iMessage

The program allows you to communicate with other Yabloko people, share photos, vidos, tracks, send your location, etc. But activity in iMessage leads to the accumulation of files in smart memory and correspondence from other users, which “eats up” free GB. 

How to clear a little space on the iPhone – “ten” or another:

  1. Go to the application.
  2. Go to messages.
  3. Select a conversation.
  4. Swipe left and 2 p. click “Delete”.

You can massively delete SMS by clicking in the “Messages” section: “Edit” (top left) → “Select message” → a circle near the conversation → “Delete” (bottom right). 

Tip : before taking drastic measures, save important information in the memory of a smart or cloud, because deleted chats in iMessage cannot be recovered. 

In order not to bother with the deletion of conversations every time, you can configure their retention period. To do this, go to the “Leave messages” item and put a “tick” in front of 30 days, a year or indefinitely.

Delete screenshots from iPhone

If Apple’s gadget stores not 1-2, but dozens or hundreds of already unnecessary screenshots, then deleting them manually is a tedious and long task, since they are mixed with other pictures. It is much faster to clear iPhone memory from screenshots using special. Utilities such as Screeny, Screenshots, Smart Cleaner. They can be found, downloaded and installed from the App Store. 

After launching the utility, they scan the section with the photo and show the users a list of screenshots, offering:

  • select and delete everything at once, 
  • mark unnecessary 
  • remove screenshots for a certain period. 

The programs also support other functionality, for example, Screeny can change the capture time of a screenshot, disable location detection. Screenshots extracts text from screenshots, though only in English. Smart Cleaner searches for and removes similar pictures and videos, sorts pictures, allows you to remove duplicate contacts.


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