5 Hidden Android Tips and Tricks 2020 you should never ignore

5 Android Hacks you Should Try in 2020
5 Android Hacks you Should Try in 2020

5 Hidden Android Tips and Tricks 2020 you should never ignore

Android runs on most smartphones in the world . The likelihood that you are reading this article on an Android device is correspondingly high. If so, you have a powerful tool in your hand.

Android does not always make it easy for users to develop their full potential. Smartphone manufacturers can change the operating system according to their own wishes or add additional software. Therefore, not all Android interfaces look the same.

Find my device

The Android operating system has an integrated framework that ensures that data is synchronized between your Android devices. This framework also enables you to track the position of your devices, for example in the event of loss or theft. The “Find my device” service is available on the smartphone or tablet as well as on the PC via the browser. You can use it to track, ring, lock and delete your Android devices . All of this can be controlled remotely.

If you have lost your smartphone or it has been stolen, you can find out the location on another Android device or via the browser on the ” Find my device ” page.

Let it ring: The smartphone rings for five minutes, even if it is switched to silent.

Secure device: The device is locked and your Google account is logged out. You have the option of displaying a phone number on the screen. Despite the lock, the device can still be located.

Delete data on device: All content on the device is deleted. After that, it can no longer be located.

Developer mode: Precise control over the phone

The developer mode is a kind of cheat code for the phone. The mode is hidden from normal users. To activate it, you have to go into the setting and tap the “Build number” button seven times. Only then will you see the hidden settings.

With the developer mode you can massively change your user experience. For example, you could switch your phone to grayscale: developer options / simulate color space / achromatic. Without color, for example, the app icons are less tempting to type on. This is helpful if you want to get used to spending less time on your smartphone. 

 The animations can also be switched off in developer mode. Android repeatedly uses fractions of a second to gently hide and show windows. It looks nice, but it also takes time. You can change this under: Developer options / Windows animation size, transition animation size and animator duration scale. If you display the animations there, newer Android devices with high computing power will feel even faster to use.

Turns your phone into a tricorder: never get lost again

If you type in the character combination * # 0 * # in the phone, a hidden menu opens. So you can use the built-in sensors of the smartphone. Under Sensor / Light Sensor, the luminance of your surroundings can be measured in the unit lux. In this way, you can check, for example, whether a lamp is as bright as the manufacturer claims – or use the smartphone as a cheap replacement for a light meter during a photo shoot.

And there are even more sensors: If you tap on Sensor / Magnetic Sensor, you will reach a compass. It will also help you find your way around if you have no reception and the map app is stuck.

Find: Lost Cell Phone? No problem!

If the smartphone is suddenly gone, you don’t have to panic right away. You can access the device in seconds via the Internet. To do this, you need to go to android.com/find and log in with the Google account that is linked to the Android device. You can already see a map where the position of the device is shown in the form of a pin – at least when the GPS location is switched on.

In the menu you can lock or even delete the device. Of course, this only works if the lost cell phone is switched on and connected to the Internet. Practical function: If you have only misplaced the device, you can simply let it ring loudly. So it can be found quickly.

One-hand mode: tamer for giant screens

The screens of phones are getting bigger. And that makes it all the more difficult to operate them with just one hand. Android offers a solution for this.

If you just want to type something quickly with one hand, you can activate the one-hand mode in the Gboard keyboard. To do this, you have to hold down the virtual Enter key at the bottom right. A menu opens, there you tap the icon with your hand. The keyboard moves right or left and you can reach it more easily.


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