5 Best Video Calling Apps for Mobile and PC in 2021

5 Best Video Calling Apps
5 Best Video Calling Apps

5 Best Video Calling Apps for Mobile and PC in 2021

Video call software developers are actively competing with each other, offering the necessary and useful services. However, not all messengers have the same functionality. There are universal ones, there are video conferencing, mobile communications, etc. Before you download, configure, start chatting, read the comparison of well-known programs. 


Skype is definitely one of the best video calling software out there. It was not for nothing that Microsoft bought it in 2011. It was only after the deal that the popularity of the messenger in Ukraine began to decline. Many users began to complain about the deterioration of the connection quality. And competitors have become more active: there is a new software for video conferencing. However, Skype still manages to stay in the top of the applications that Ukrainians use for business communication and international communication. 

The program has a user-friendly interface, where you can:

  • show the screen;
  • send a photo or document;
  • make calls to phones that do not have Skype (paid service). 

A couple more advantages:

  • compatibility with all major desktop and mobile operating systems;
  • end-to-end encryption. 

There is only one drawback: demanding on PC resources. An old computer may slow down due to Skype. the messenger is included in Windows 10. Skype is a universal solution for a wide range of users.


The messenger appeared on the Internet in 2013. At first, the developer positioned it as a tool for communication between entrepreneurs. With the help of the program, you can organize video conferences, online meetings, chats and work in groups. 

Zoom came to the top with the onset of a pandemic: in six months the number of users grew from 10 to 300 million. The lion’s share of the growth in the popularity of the resource was made by students of schools and institutes, transferred to distance learning. Server congestion has led to a deterioration in the quality of communication. Another barrier to distance learning is the 40 minute limit for free members. We have to interrupt training every 40 minutes. Paid subscription prices start at $ 150 per year. Despite its shortcomings, Zoom is rightfully ranked among the best video communication services for distance learning.


  • online board,
  • division of participants into subgroups,
  • conference recording,
  • screen broadcast,
  • multi-platform. 


Discord was originally developed for gamers. The first version of the popular messenger appeared in 2015. The developers have created a program that provides comfortable communication between players using computers, game consoles , smartphones. Initially, the focus was on multi-platform, quality of communication and minimum requirements for user devices. Discord does not slow down your computer , does not interfere with playing. 

In the program you can:

  • create rooms, restrict participants’ access;
  • show the screen;
  • rate messages in chats;
  • assign hot keys;
  • sound notifications;
  • enable overlay. 

Over time, the demand for the app has gone far beyond the gaming community. Video calling software is installed on a computer and / or smartphone to communicate with people who have similar hobbies. This can be watching sports, hand-made, and so on. You can use the basic version of the messenger for free.


On computers, Hangouts is friendly with Chrome, on smartphones it comes as a pre-installed Android OS application. For some unknown reason, Hangouts is not very popular in Ukraine, although many experts put the messenger above Skype and other competitors in terms of its characteristics. The program for fast video calls for Android allows you to communicate through text and voice messages. Messenger functionality includes:

  • creating group chats,
  • organizing webinars,
  • calls to unregistered users,
  • storing messages in the cloud. 

Hangouts saves space on your smartphone . Messenger users do not complain about frequent crashes and freezes. 

Hangouts is a Google product. People who want to use the program on a regular basis must be registered with Gmail. This is true for both computer and mobile software. The organization of video conferences in the messenger is paid, you can participate by invitation free of charge.


Whatsapp managed to become the most popular messenger in the world largely due to its early appearance on the Internet. The application began to be used in 2009, and by 2020 the client base exceeded 2 billion people. At first, WhatsApp was in demand mainly as a tool for transferring messages, then the relevance of the program in the field of video calls increased. 


  • free communication;
  • convenience of mailings, file exchange;
  • confidentiality (end-to-end encryption). 

In Ukraine, WhatsApp is not among the top three. It makes sense to prefer the program for communicating with friends living abroad, if the messenger is popular in their country. The application is not suitable for outdated smartphones with iOS 8, Android 2.3.7 and older

Let’s compare the considered messengers as services for network video conferencing: 

ProgramsMaximum number of participantsTime limitEnd-to-end encryption
Zoomfifty40 minutes

In recent years, the following trends have been observed in the field of video communication software:

  1. Services for group communication are actively developing. They are in good demand due to the pandemic.
  2. Developers are trying to offer multiplatform software. 

People are already so accustomed to video calling programs that the rise in prices for telecom operators’ services will not force most of the users to save on the Internet.


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