5 best smartphones you can buy under 30000 in Pakistan

Buying a mid-range premium smartphone under 30000 in Pakistan is quite complex task; we have shortlisted top 5 best phones under 30k to assist you to buy the best device.


Latest prices and review of most popular smartphones in 2019

  • Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 32GB Dual Sim price in Pakistan
  • Huawei P10 Lite 32GB Dual Sim price in Pakistan
  • Oppo A7n Price in Pakistan
  • Vivo v9 64GB price in Pakistan
  • Samsung J6 Plus price in Pakistan

The paramount purpose of this post is to keep shifting our latest mobile phone prices and reviews up to date and bring to you the most popular smartphones available at 30000 in Pakistan.  Mid-range premium smartphones price starts from 25000 and onwards. If your budget allows you to buy a phone at 30k; it will be more sufficient with improved enhancements. If we look back, we have walked a long way to buy affordable latest phones in Pakistan as premium phones prices were too high to afford. Now, common man can easily buy a smartphone with decent specification remaining in his budget. Though; premium smartphone market has been fluctuating throughout the year as some phones got peak of popularity whereas a few declined in prices in spite of good hardware quality.

So keeping in mind the expectation and requirement of mobile users, we have brought to you top 5 mobile phone prices in Pakistan along with their reviews.

1- Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus (A600FD) 2018 32GB Dual Sim price in Pakistan   3,0000

samsung galaxy a6 plus review phonebechdouSamsung Galaxy is one of the top phones under Samsung’s flagship. It is quite different with metal, design, and glass. It is not only a cheaper phone as compared to Samsung’s premium ranged phone but also it delivers reflective exposure. With a rapid initiate, Samsung galaxy A6 declined it’s price that means a great opportunity for Samsung phone lovers who want to buy a quality phone under 30000 in Pakistan.
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2- Huawei P10 Lite 32GB Dual Sim price in Pakistan    (Rs29, 479)huawei p lite 10 phonebechdou

Huawei has become a top phone manufacturing brand not only in Pakistan, but all over the world. Its latest flagship devices are equipped with quite ample design and hardware. Huawei’s P series phones are well-groomed with latest mobile tech, better visual graphics, speed, and performance overall. If you are looking for a well-balanced mid-range premium Huawei smartphone, buy Huawei p10 lite 32GB.
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3- Oppo A7n Price in Pakistan   Rs. 29999/oppo a7n review phonebechdou

Oppo is one of the leading Chinese premium smartphone manufacturing brands which took no time to compete top phone companies. Oppo series phones are best known for its optimum camera quality both: main and Selfie. So, if you are considering an impeccable Oppo phone less than 30000 look no further than Oppo a7.  With a range of colours, wider display, and ultrafast performance, it will amaze your mobile computing experience.

4- Vivo v9 64GB price in Pakistan   ‎Rs 29,999vivo v9 review phonebechdou

What to consider better than a phone with 64GB internal storage with 4 GB of RAM under 30000 rupees? Vivo V9 phone is loaded with a huge crystal display. If you look at Vivo display quality it is not less than a premium phone. Its latest flagship phones are best in performance for any kind of complex computing tasks. With a massive storage option, Vivo v9 is the best choice for people who want maximum space to store apps, photos, and videos.
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5- Samsung J6 Plus price in Pakistan Rs 27,499.00samsung galaxy j6 review phonebechdou

Samsung j6 plus is a mid-range phone best for users who want to enjoy smooth browsing and fast process for complex applications. Samsung’s phones are mostly popular for its high-end expensive premium phones.  But its latest j series phones are not only meticulous in design, but powerful in performance too. Its latest in budget series phones are quite attractive for phone users who want to buy a mid-range low cost premium phone.

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