5 Best Samsung Smartphones to buy in 2020 (Cheap & Expensive)

5 Best Samsung Smartphones to buy in 2020 (Cheap & Expensive)
5 Best Samsung Smartphones to buy in 2020 (Cheap & Expensive)

5 Best Samsung Smartphones to buy in 2020 (Cheap & Expensive)

Samsung cuts and goes upmarket on the J, A, S series and the very large Note. Releases and renewals are frequent, without the previous smartphones necessarily leaving the shelves. It is quite specific to this brand; old star references usually stay on the shelves for two or three years, steadily falling in price … until they compete and outperform more recent models, but more expensive.

 Taking into account one side of our dozens of tests in laboratory of the latest Samsung Galaxy, other of the prices currently displayed in stores and your budget, here is our selection of favorite Samsung Galaxy devices of the moment:

The best: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

As every time with the new top of the range from Samsung, we don’t have much to complain about this Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Korean flagship of the start of the decade collects five stars for a deserved flawlessness. It unashamedly fulfills its mission as a technological showcase and presents itself as the best of the smartphones passed in our laboratory.

 To put it simply, whatever the intended use by the user, this S20 Ultra will do. So much so, that it even allows itself to integrate a 5G chip in order to anticipate the new generation of mobile network.

Samsung Galaxy S20 +

Without too many surprises, the Galaxy S20 + is positioned as the perfect compromise between a compact S20 and an S20 Ultra all in excess. It is therefore a complete smartphone that is pleasant to use, whatever the use requested. A good top of the range, in short.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Not stunning at first glance, this Note 9 is ultimately a major phone for Samsung. With many small improvements, the manufacturer has finally managed to achieve a faultless. The Note 9 is obviously reserved for lovers of giant smartphone. And among these, we have rarely, if ever, seen a smartphone so excellent in every way.

Samsung Galaxy A71

The Galaxy A71 is a good big screen smartphone for those who don’t want to spend too much. Nevertheless, past this beautiful screen, we remain doubtful in front of its plastic finishes or its autonomy, certainly good, but which we expected better, or even this under-exploited photo component. After this test, it almost feels like Samsung hasn’t done everything to polish its phone. Oppo , the Oppo Reno2 , the Honor 20 Pro , a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro and especially the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 seem to be more relevant choices.

Samsung Galaxy A21s

The Samsung Galaxy A21s is presented as a smartphone made for endurance, and it wins this bet thanks to a very good autonomy which allows, with traditional use, to spend two days away from a power outlet. Unfortunately, it ignores the rest, with fairly average overall performance, a poorly calibrated screen, or even a photo section that is too basic. At this price, we prefer smartphones like the Oppo A9 2020 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S .


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