5 Best Battery Saving Tips for Android in 2021: Battery Saver or Smartphone

5 Best Battery Saving Tips for Android in 2021
5 Best Battery Saving Tips for Android in 2021

5 Best Battery Saving Tips for Android in 2021: Battery Saver or Smartphone

Android users can use the native battery saving features. System functions, such as the Adaptive Battery and Mode Twelve, can allow the device to survive and ensure that it has a charge by the end of the day.

Another option is to stop using apps in the background, thus keeping more power on the device. In addition, it is worth using external apps to reduce consumption.

To help, check out the list of tips we’ve separated to save battery on Android.

Battery saving on Android

# 1 Twelve Mode (battery optimization)

The twelve mode, when active, triggers the snooze mode and allows the system to rest, so the apps do not access the network for updating.

To manage, go to Mode Twelve, go to Configure> Battery> and choose the three dots in the options under “Battery optimization”.

# 2 Adaptive battery and adaptive brightness

The adaptive feature maps habits and analyzes users’ needs. The feature allows you to limit the power consumption of the function activated by default and can be seen in Settings> Battery> Adaptive battery.

Brightness can also be reduced according to standard usage in environments. The system automatically learns. To activate, go to Configure> Display> Adaptive Brightness.

3 # Uninstall unnecessary apps

Android tells you which apps are consuming the most battery and which one has been actively used. To access, go to Configure> Battery, and see what they are spending. Touch one of them and deactivate the “Allow background activity” key. Also, check to see if all installed programs are taking up space and memory, if yes, uninstall.

4 # Battery Saver

The battery saver can help the battery last longer, so the feature can make apps hibernate and stop location services, when the screen is locked and block the “Ok, Google” command, among others.

The function can be activated in the Notification Center, under Configure> Battery and activate the “Battery Saver” key. When selecting the option, it is possible to activate the automatic activation when the battery is 15% or 5%. The function activates Android and turns orange in the menus.

5 # External app

For battery saving on Android it is worth opting for some apps, like MAX Battery and  dfndr Battery . These perform tasks to reduce the consumption of programs and provide greater battery life.

#Extra tips

In emergency cases, if you have the battery almost dead and need some tricks to improve the autonomy, see below:

  • Activate Airplane Mode;
  • Set the screen limit to 30 seconds;
  • Disable sounds and vibration;
  • Decrease the brightness to the maximum;
  • Close the apps;
  • Enable Do Not Disturb Mode and stop notifications;
  • For Android 10 devices, activate Dark Mode.


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