3 Best Methods to unlock a locked iPhone in 2020


3 Best Methods to unlock a locked iPhone in 2020

How to unlock disabled iphone? Step by Step Guide

If you have assigned a code to your iPhone for security reasons and have forgotten it, there are other ways to unlock the smartphone. A trick helps with certain iOS versions. We’ll show you how.

Unlock iPhone – this is how it works

If you’ve forgotten your lock code, you can also unlock newer iPhones with your fingerprint – provided you have set up this feature. iOS devices with versions iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1 can also be unlocked with a trick.

  1. To do this, first activate Siri, ask the voice assistant for the current time and then tap on the clock symbol in Siri’s answer.
  2. On the next screen, tap the plus icon in the top right corner to add another clock. Enter any text in the search field and mark it. When the options appear, choose “Select All”.
  3. In the functions that then appear, tap on “Share” and then select the Messages app.
  4. A window opens in which you can send a new message. Enter something in the recipient field and then hit the return key. This marks your entry in the recipient field.
  5. Next tap on the plus sign and then on “Create new contact”. In this window tap on “Select photo” and then on “Photo selection” in the selection.
  6. You will be forwarded to the photo library. Here you just open any album. Wait briefly without selecting a photo and then press the home button.
  7. Now you should get to the unlocked homescreen. The advantage of this method is that you will not lose any data on your iPhone.
  8. If this did not work or you have installed a different version of iOS on your mobile phone, all that remains is to reset the iPhone. How to reset iPhone with hard reset , we’ll show in another post.

Reset iPhone code via iCloud

You can also reset the iPhone code with iCloud. The prerequisite for this is that you have previously activated the “Find my iPhone” function and saved a backup. The following steps can be used to unlock your iPhone without a code:

  1. Go to icloud.com in a browser .
  2. Open the My iPhone category and tap All Devices .
  3. Find the phone you want to unlock, click on it and choose Erase iPhone
  4. Then you restore your data with a backup. You can set a new code and unlock the iPhone again.

Reset iPhone passcode via recovery

If you haven’t created a backup using iTunes or iCloud, only the crowbar will help. With the maintenance status you can unlock your iPhone without a code. However, resetting to the factory settings inevitably also deletes the entire memory, which means that all personal data is lost. Here we tell you how to reset your iPhone . If the memory is cleared, the system restarts and you can set a new code.


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