2021 Best WaterProof Smartphones: Android water Resistant Phones

The best waterproof smartphones

The best waterproof smartphones

Let’s find out which are the best water resistant mobiles

If you are looking for a smartphone that is really water resistant, well, this article will help you understand which are the best models that really respect this feature.

Many phones on the market boast their resistance to water and other liquids, but unfortunately without the IP68 certification this resistance is not so total and it often happens that an overturned glass of water reaches our phone and unfortunately compromises some of its functions or makes it completely unusable, causing us to lose money, phone numbers and important data. So what are the best waterproof smartphone models ?

Samsung Galaxy S20: one of the best of the moment

Let’s start with Samsung and its newly arrived Galaxy S10 which in all its versions has the guarantee of the IP68 protocol and, according to the manufacturer, is able to remain at 2 meters depth for about 30 minutes.

We are talking about one of the best smartphones currently on the market, which has the best screen ever that has ever been mounted on a smartphone and more, because the processor is no exception, a 2.73 Ghz octa-core the Exynos 9820, which said this to most people will not say much, but its computing power is really extreme and thanks to its internal architecture it can guarantee performance and energy efficiency.

The RAM on Samsung Galaxy S20 is variable depending on the model chosen (s10, s10E, s10Plus) and the size of its internal memory, we start from a minimum of 6GB of RAM up to 12GB of RAM in the S10Plus model with 1TB of memory internal.

The photo / video department is obviously one of the best, three rear cameras for the S10 and S10 Plus, while only two, so to speak, for the S10E.

Specifically we will have a 12 Megapixel main sensor with a variable aperture from ƒ / 1.5 to 2.4, another 12 Megapixel sensor with a ƒ / 2.4 aperture with zoom function on all three models, while in addition on the large ones of the house we will have a third 16Megapixel camera with a wide angle lens.

8 Megapixel front camera with ƒ / 2.2 focal aperture on S10 and S10E and dual front camera on S10Plus, the main 10 megapixel and the secondary 8 megapixel depth calculation.

A truly quality photo park, you will have the opportunity to shoot in every light condition and every type of photography, from landscape to sports, thanks also to the very fast automatic focus and to the suggestions that the camera management software will give you.

Video recording that like all top of the range reaches up to 4K at 60 fps and super slow motion up to 960fps.

Excellent battery life that will allow you to get to the end of the working day without even a recharge and making it a moderate use the phone will arrive the next day without major problems.

The Galaxy series also respects the waterproof characteristics for some years now and therefore even going back on some previous model we will still find this feature on Galaxy S9, S8 and S7.

: really waterproof

Another great phone that meets IP68 parameters is Huawei Mate 20 pro .

Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a large 6.39 ”display with a 3120×1440 pixel QHD + resolution, one of the highest currently in circulation, based on IPS technology. The processor is the new HiSilicon Kirin 980 octa-core from 2.6 GHz, also built with the new 7 nanometer technology and which thanks to the differentiated use of its cores guarantees performance and energy savings.

The GPU is a Mali G76 and is equipped with 6GB of RAM. Thanks to this architecture, the phone is suitable for every use, from work to fun. There are three cameras , the main one with a 40 megapixel sensor and a focal aperture ƒ / 1.8, the secondary with an 8 megapixel sensor and ƒ / 2.4 aperture, which has the zoom function up to 3x and the third from 20. megapixel with wide-angle lens and focal aperture ƒ / 2.2.

Also with this device we are ready to shoot in any light conditions and any type of photography, thanks to the three different lenses. The video recording comes to the highest quality of 4K at 30fps. The front camera is 24 megapixels and has a focal aperture of ƒ / 2.0.

Battery life in the norm, even if with such a large screen if it is used very intensively we will need an additional charge of half a day, while with average use we will be able to reach the end of the working day and even beyond.

Apple iPhone X: a certainty

We also find excellent water resistance at Apple, iPhone X is an excellent example.

64bit hexa-core processor, very fast in all operations thanks also to the support of 3 GB of RAM and that of the neural machine that learning from the use that the user makes of it, learns and suggests the best possible use experience.

Apple iPhone X presents a 5.8-inch OLED display defined by Apple Super Retina HD, its resolution is 2436×1125 with a pixel density of 458ppi, the colors are well calibrated and the contrast is truly perfect thanks to the absolute black of which they are equipped with OLED screens.

Two rear cameras , both 12 Megapixel, a main sensor with a focal aperture of ƒ / 1.8 and the secondary which is a super telephoto lens with a focal aperture of ƒ / 2.4.

The front camera is 7 megapixel with ƒ / 2.2 focal aperture. Shots taken with this device will look great in almost any lighting condition.

The video recording achieves the highest quality of 4K at 60fps and there are the slow motion mode in this case up to 960fps and TimeLapse and HyperLapse functions.

Also in this case, falling back on some slightly older model, we will still find the characteristic of water resistance, but obviously the performance will be slightly lower. In all these waterproof smartphone models it works excellently and in some of these such as Galaxy S10 it goes even further, if you need a great smartphone and this feature, all you have to do is choose one of these.


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