2021 Best Guide to delete iPhone Data Completely without Password

How to erase all data from iPhone completely

2021 Best Guide to delete iPhone Data Completely without Password

Find out how to erase any data from your iPhone

Do you want to free up space from the iPhone? Erase unnecessary data, here’s the guide

If you need to delete all the data on your iPhone because maybe you have little space and you want to free it completely or because you have decided to sell it and, of course, for privacy reasons, you do not want to leave your private data, the telephone numbers of your contacts and your photographs, this article is just what is right for you. The procedure is quite simple, so don’t worry: even if you are not a computer science genius, you will succeed without too much difficulty.

Empty your iPhone of personal data: how to do it step by step

To start, simply access the Home of your iPhone and open the Settings menu (icon with the wheel). Once in the Settings you will have to go to the General item and look for the Reset option in the drop-down menu.

Once this is done, click on Initialize content and settings, the system will ask you to enter the unlock code and confirm the restore operation.

Given your confirmation, the procedure will start that will allow you to restore your iPhone to factory settings , you will see the apple symbol appear on your screen with a bar that will mark the percentage of progress of the formatting, once it reaches 100%your iPhone will restart and the configuration screen will appear, as if it were its first power on.

At this point, if your intention was to format the phone to sell it or give it to another person, all you have to do is turn it off, so that those who receive or buy it can independently provide for its configuration.

If, on the other hand, you have returned it to the factory options to clean it up and free up space, you can start your re-configuration.

Format iPhone: how to backup data

The advice before proceeding with this operation is to always make a backup to save your data, so as not to lose phone numbers and memories that you may care about and have not saved yet.

There are two methods to back up iPhone, through a computer and the use of software such as iTunes or through the phone itself using iCloud.

IPhone backup through iTunes

To perform the first method you will obviously have to download, if you have not already done so, iTunes on your PC and connect the phone via cable, at this point an authorization message will appear on the screen of your iPhone to communicate with the computer, obviously you will have to give permission.

In the iTunes Summary screen, look for the Backup item and check the “This computer” item: by doing this you will be sure that the files will be passed and stored on the hard disk of your PC.

At this point, all you have to do is start the backup by clicking on Back up now . In this way a folder will be created and inside you will find all the files divided by type.

Backup iPhone with iCloud, how to do it

If you want to use iCloud for your backup, the operation is even easier. All you have to do is go to Settings and click on your name, then go to iCloud, enable the backup of the desired sections using the appropriate check mark next to the categories and click on Back up now .

The backup will be done online, uploading the data to your Cloud . Therefore, if you do not have an internet data subscription for many Giga it is advisable to do this operation connected to a Wi-Fi network . Obviously, even in this case, during the backup you will be notified of the percentage of execution and once finished you will receive a warning.

In casethe space on iCloud is not enough for you, you can expand it by buying more, it will be the smartphone itself to tell you and if you want to do so, just follow the instructions that will appear on the display.


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