11 most interesting new features in Android 11(Sept.2020)

11 most interesting new features in Android 11(Sept.2020)
11 most interesting new features in Android 11(Sept.2020)

11 most interesting new features in Android 11 (Sept.2020)

Update features new emojis, different media control and more privacy

The Android 11 has arrived on mobile Google Pixel and should appear in more devices in the coming weeks. Although it doesn’t contain any radical design changes, or anything that completely changes the way you use the devices, the update has some interesting new tools. Here are some of them:

1. Automatic and scheduled dark mode

Added by Google on Android 10, the dark mode now features the option to be automatically enabled at night and turned off in the morning.

In addition, you can schedule a specific time for dark mode to be turned on or off.

2. Pin apps to the sharing menu

Usually presented in alphabetical order, the Android 11 content sharing menu allows you to pin your favorite apps.

The novelty is not present in applications that already have customized menus, such as Google Photos.

In addition, sharing recommendations cannot yet be disabled.

3. Notification history

Android 11 also added a new page with notification history. In it, the user can search for the application that most notifies him or check something that he may have missed.

The page records all notifications on the device received in the last 24 hours.

4. Temporary permissions

In another important step to protect users’ privacy, Android 11 has implemented temporary permissions. Thus, applications lose access to certain features of your phone as soon as they are closed.

The new tool is a good complement of features added in the last update, such as the end of clipboard access in the background and the restriction of device IDs.

5. New emojis

Some new emoji options are available on Android 11. A face with disguise, anatomically correct hearts and lungs and even a ninja emoji, are among the novelties.

New gender-neutral emojis were also added, after those presented on Android 10, in addition to new transgender representations, with the flag and the symbol of the fight added.

Old emojis were also redesigned, gaining new shadows and contours.

6. Android Auto Wireless

With the exception of some Google Pixel and Samsung devices, most Android Auto devices require a USB cable to connect with a car.

Android 11 changes that and now all cell phones that support a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection can use the app wirelessly.

7. Better support for curved screens

With most new devices showing curvature at their edges, Android 11 provides better support for this format, reducing distortions and complications in some controls.

The new functionality ensures better efficiency of any app on any device.

8. Media control

Possibly the most drastic change in the update moves all media control from the notification panel to the quick settings section.

This means that the button to clear all notifications no longer closes the media when it is paused.

The change allows you to get back from where you left off on paused media more easily.

9. Notifications and chat bubbles

Another change is the possibility of separating conversation notifications from notices of purchase applications, games or media.

In addition, conversations can be turned into “bubbles”, a feature similar to Facebook’s Messenger .

10. Screen recording with audio

The screen recording feature of Android 11 now also captures sound. The updated tool is available in the quick settings menu.

The recording options, however, remain somewhat simplistic, not allowing customization of format or resolution.

11. On / off menu

In addition to the traditional power, reset and emergency mode buttons, Android 11 now features a full screen when the power button is presented.

The new menu shows a control panel for smart homes and their virtual wallet.

However, as Google does not require this feature to be implemented on all devices, it is possible that some devices will maintain a simpler format.


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