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PTA mobile tax calculator 2019, calculate my mobile tax in Pakistan on import

  • How PhoneBechDou PTA Mobile Tax Calculator Works

  • Latest fbr mobile tax list with pta mobile phone tax calculator

    “Check our latest pta mobile tax calculator- Now calculate mobile phone tax from anywhere in the world”
    Pta mobile tax calculator 2019 is here. It is our latest application that will help you in calculating fbr mobile phone tax in 2019. Whether you are coming from USA or UK, this mobile phone tax calculator app will calculate mobile phone tax on import. Since we have opened our company in Pakistan, we have seen a lot of questions coming from public about pta mobile phone registration fee.
    Subsequently, we also receive questions from international travelers and Pakistanis working in other countries. Most of the time questions are related to fbr mobile tax list 2019.
    To answer all queries, this is our latest mobile tax guide that will assist you in calculating phone tax before coming to pakistan

  • What is fbr mobile registration?

    Fbr mobile registration is the first step once you arrive in paksitan with a new or used mobile is very important to visit fbr custom desk office to pay fbr mobile phone duty before leaving airport lounge. Moreover, if you are unaware of fbr mobile phone tax policies and pta mobile phone registration tx; it is very important to check from a worthy source.
    Many mobile phone tax calculator online websites have uploaded old pta phone registration fees. On this page, you can check latest imported mobile phone tax rates.
    Always remember, if you do not apply for mobile phone registration tax, you will not be enjoying 23% discount.
    Pta and fbr has given a facility to all international travelers who are coming with a device in Pakistan; if they register mobile phone in 60 days they can get 23% discount.

  • Why pta mobile phone tax calculator?

    Since there was no visible source of calculating pta/fbr mobile tax; we have developed a quick and realistic online app that will calculate fbr mobile tax.

  • How does pta mobile tax calculator work?

    Pta mobile calculator is very easy and simple to use. Subsequently, it doesn’t require much time. Within few seconds you will be able to calculate fbr mobile tax rate.
    1- Select the country you bought mobile phone
    2- Write the box pack mobile phone price in the column
    3- Press “ calculate tax” button
    Within a second, you will see an approximate mobile phone tax.
    Phonebechdou has brought the easiest way to calculate mobile phone tax on import. Using this mobile tax calculator you can figure out fbr tax on any mobile phone. No matter in which country you are, simply visit this page and calculate pta mobile phone tax on our latest fbr mobile tax calculator.

  • What if my country is not in the list?

    If you do not find the required country in the list to calculate mobile tax, simple count your mobile phone tax in us dollar rates. It will display you the exact mobile phone tax rate.

  • PTA mobile tax calculator 2019, calculate my mobile tax in Pakistan on importIs it free to calculate mobile phone tax on Phonebechdou?

    Yes, we have made pta mobile phone tax calculator for our audience. Especially for the foreigners who find I difficult to calculate mobile phone tax.

  • Pta tax on mobile phones in 2019-2020

    Phone bill tax calculator and fbr mobile tax list have some variations on online sources. It is due to the lack of knowledge and variable fbr mobile tax policies. Moreover, there are many sources which claim to deliver perfect pta mobile tax. But still, all cell phone tax calculator are vague.
    Phonebechdou was continuously providing helpful articles on mobile phone tax pta registration online. later, when we noticed that a river of comments and messages on following terms, we decided to launch an online portal for cell phone tax calculator in Pakistan:
    - Fbr/Pta tax on iphone 11
    - Pta/fbr tax on iphone 7
    - pta tax on iphone x
    - fbr/pta tax on iphone xs max
    - pta tax on iphone 6
    - pta/fbr tax on iphone xs max
    - fbr/pta tax on iphone 6

  • How to check pta tax on iPhone 11?

    Pta tax on iphone 11 is 41,000. If you are coming to Pakistan and want to register it on passoport, you may get 23.5 % discount on total tax. But you need to register mobile phone within 60 days after arrival in Pakistan. Moreover, it is very important to check latest pta mobile tax list. we have come to know that, many people buy phones and come to Pakistan without checking pta phone tax calculator. On airport they might face some kind of situation.

  • Pta tax on iphone x

    Pta tax on iphone x is 41,000 pkr. This tax is applicable on cnci registration. if your egister it on your passport, you will get 11,000 discount. If there are more phones you want to check, kindly visit our cell phone tax calculator.

  • Pta tax on iphone 7

    Pta mobile phone tax on iphone 7 is one of the most popular queries we have received on our system. Since this phone comes above $500 category, pta mobile phone tax will be 41,000 pkr.

  • What is fbr mobile phone tax calculator?

    According to fbr mobile phone tax list 2019, fbr phone tax calculator calculates fbr duties on imported smartphones. A number of people including overseas Pakistanis do not know the exact custom duty on imported mobile devices. To assist such people, pta mobile phone tax calculator works perfectly in counting all taxes.

  • What is phone sales tax calculator?

    Phone sales tax calculator calculates sales tax on mobile phones. But this is not valid now. In the beginning, when fbr mobile tax policy was in process, federal govt and federal board of revenue were preparing mobile tax drafts. And they applied too. There were multiple tax slabs. But for a couple of months there is a single tax slab.

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