Zenfone 6 vs zenfone 5: which phone is better? (2020 Guide)

Zenfone 6 vs zenfone 5: which phone is better? (2020 Guide)
Zenfone 6 vs zenfone 5: which phone is better? (2020 Guide)

Zenfone 6 vs zenfone 5: which phone is better? (2020 Guide)

The Zenfone line is quite popular in the market – and its latest, Zenfone 6, has received high praise internationally. Thus, it is normal for comparisons to arise such as Zenfone 6 vs Zenfone 5.

Launched in May, the Zenfone 6 already carries profound changes compared to the Zenfone 5, as its uninterrupted screen. In addition, its flip camera system, with rotating module, has guaranteed until the product is used up.

However, nothing yet about its launch of Zenfone 6 in Pakistan, other than rumors about arriving in the second half of the year. While the new Asus smartphone doesn’t arrive here, check out the differences between Zenfone 6 vs Zenfone 5 and make the best choice!

What are the main features of Zenfone 6?

Zenfone 6 inaugurates by Asus the “flip camera system”, which is a rotating camera that does both the rear and the front.

This is due to its two sensors – Sony IMX586 48MP and aperture f / 1.78 (main) and ultrawide 125º 13MP (secondary). Enhancing the camera, the Zenfone also features autofocus by face detection and HDR ++ and Super Night modes.

In addition, the Zenfone 6 was launched with the 6.4-inch NanoEdge display, which occupies 92% of the front. In this space, it has the protection of a Gorilla Glass 6 and a brightness of up to 600 nits.

In addition, it brings features like Dark Mode and a new, cleaner and simpler ZenUI interface. Thus, it already has a tremendous impact on the public that seeks to take the best photos and have a good view on the phone.

Why is it worth buying a Zenfone 6?

With camera adjustment in any position within 180º and feature that captures automatic or vertical panning , Zenfone  is creative for photographers. In addition, it allows facilities such as the Smart Shutter Key and volume keys for rotation.

Thus, it is a smartphone that impacts by playing the role of a camera (although it is behind other competitors), but that stands out in selfies. In fact, selfies are the main advantage of the device.

Zenfone 6  vs Zenfone 5: Specs

Before starting comparisons between Zenfone 6 vs Zenfone 5, how about you compare on your own using the technical sheet? See the technical specifications of each one below!

Zenfone 6 vs Zenfone 5: comparisons

Now that you’ve compared it on your own, it’s time for you to see the common comparisons between Zenfone 6 vs Zenfone 5.

Design and canvas

There you can find the main change of the two devices: the 5 has a notch similar to the iPhone X , while the 6 has cleaned the edges almost completely (only 8% remains). In Zenfone 5 , the presence of notch can be a positive or negative point, depending on your taste.

As for the screen, the Zenfone 6 has a larger screen compared to its predecessor (6.4 ” versus 6.2 ”). However, the resolution is Full HD + for both and only 100 nits difference between the maximum brightness of each.


In terms of resolution and pixels, Zenfone 6 has a huge difference with Zenfone 5: 48MP + 13MP against 12MP + 8MP and 8000 x 6000 pixels against 4160 x 3120 pixels.

However, the big difference of Zenfone 6 occurs in another aspect: without front camera notch, with a 180º motorized camera flip.

System and processor

As for the operating system, both use Android 9.0 (pie), but as for the processor, the difference is big: the Zenfone 6 has the Snapdragon 855 processor, the most advanced from Qualcomm.

Meanwhile, the Zenfone 5 , which was made with intermediate specifications, features Snapdragon 636.


Important criterion between Zenfone 6 vs Zenfone 5. As for performance, Zenfone 6 offers 6 GB or 8 GB RAM, with 3 options of internal storage of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. This guarantees good performance even in games and heavier applications.

The Zenfone 5, on the other hand, has 4 GB RAM and internal storage of 64 GB or 128 GB, which despite being one less option, still proves to be fast.


The Zenfone 5 has a battery of 3,300 mAh, which with its autonomy guarantees the mark of 1 day of use. The Zenfone 6 has 5,000mAh, which guarantees something close to this brand, with even intense use.

Dimensions, weight and material

The Zenfone 6 has larger dimensions almost completely, with the exception of the horizontal measurement, which makes it more rectangular. Along with this, it became much heavier than its predecessor, which weighed only 165 grams (the 6 weighs 190).

As for the material, the new device introduced Gorilla Glass at the rear, with only the edges being aluminum.

Which is more worth it: Zenfone 5  or 6?

As you can see in the battle between Zenfone 6 vs Zenfone 5, the model launched this year shows great evolution from its predecessor, mainly because it was made to be a top of the line and for more demanding users. That way, your choice will depend on what performance your tasks require.

After all, the Zenfone 6 is a much more expensive model and is also worth it for the potential of your camera. However, it sounds like a loss to pay for it without harnessing its full potential. Thus, it is only worth changing your Zenfone 5 in case its performance is no longer sufficient.


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