WhatsApp with dual SIM: 2 accounts on one device – how it works?

install 2 whatsapp accounts in one android phone

WhatsApp with dual SIM: 2 accounts on one device – how it works?

How to use whatsapp for two numbers in dual-sim android phone and iPhone?

WhatsApp can only be used in conjunction with a cell phone number. It is only possible under certain conditions to use Messenger with two accounts on one device. Simply use WhatsApp with multiple accounts on one cell phone with a dual SIM device.

With a detour you get two WhatsApp accounts even on devices with only one SIM card. We show you how it works and what you should consider. Android users have it easier than iPhone owners.

Use WhatsApp accounts with dual SIM on Android

To use WhatsApp with two accounts on your smartphone, you need two active SIM cards, each with its own cell phone number. A pure data tariff is not enough. With a dual SIM cell phone , for example, you can use your home and work phone numbers on one device. With Android 8, the smartphone manufacturers have integrated a feature that enables the setup of two accounts for messenger apps. With Samsung devices you can achieve the function as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Control the advanced functions.
  3. Here you will find the section Dual Messenger.
  4. Activate the option for WhatsApp.
  5. A second version of WhatsApp is installed. You can recognize the second variant by the orange-colored symbol in the lower right corner.
  6. If you open the new WhatsApp installation, you set up your account with the second number here.

When setting up, you specify whether the cloned WhatsApp version should access your contacts. Devices from other manufacturers also have the function of installing multiple instances of a messenger app.

  • At Huawei / Honor you are looking for the App-Twinfunction under Apps and Permissions.
  • With OnePlus you will find the functions in the app settings under parallel apps.

WhatsApp: Dual SIM for iPhone only via a detour

Even if the iPhone is dual-SIM capable, iOS users currently do not have the option of duplicating WhatsApp. If you want to use two WhatsApp accounts, a look at WhatsApp Business is recommended. This is an official variant of WhatsApp, which is designed for small businesses. WhatsApp Business is actually intended for companies looking for contact with customers. The app also enables private exchange with other WhatsApp users.

If you want to use WhatsApp with two accounts on one cell phone, you should avoid switching back and forth between the two accounts on a regular basis. If there are too many verification processes in too short a time, an account lock is imminent.

Apart from the official app stores, there are some offers that promise you the use of two WhatsApp accounts on one device. However, since these are not official applications, you should be careful with these apps. When installing apps from unknown sources, malware and viruses are often smuggled into the phone. In addition, WhatsApp users who used modified versions of the Messenger app were blocked in the past.



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