PTA mobile phones online registration procedure- complete guide

FBR guide for mobile registration in PTA dirbs system will explains you the four major categories under you can register an unregistered smartphone.

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PTA mobile phones online registration procedure- complete guide

FBR tells 4 categories of smartphones for PTA phone registration


Table of contents

  1. PTA mobile phones online registration problems
  2. Mobile phone registration for international travelers
  3. Registration of mobile phone by local applicant
  4. Registration of mobile phones imported by individuals by postal service
  5. Registration of mobile phone for illegally imported smartphones

PTA mobile phones registration online problems

Mobile registration pta is a popular topic these days. Earlier, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has imposed heavy taxes on phones and regulated a proper way for dirbs mobile registration. There is a lot of uncertainty in the market. First of all, a major side of population didn’t have access to internet for pta mobile registration online. Second, they don’t know mobile phone registration fees. Subsequently, consumers who are following PTA mobile phones online registration procedure, they are getting huge taxes.

Not only this, a lot of customers do not know how can they register phones legally?

Thereby, in this article, we are going to tell you the four categories of phones and the way to register it. Later, you can maintain mobile registration check also.

FBR and PTA has developed an online mobile registration system DIRBS with the coordination of cellular companies. Furthermore, people in Pakistan or international travelers can register mobile phones online. Thus, pta mobile registration online will help people from blacklisting of devices.


Mobile phone registration for international travelers

  1. Log in at following link for pta online mobile registration application. If you are not already registered, you can sign up first.

  1. You can also do dirbs mobile registration at cellular franchises. Remember, there is no hidden fee for online mobile registration. Likewise, people who are claiming that pta mobile registration free is also a scam. There is a visible pta mobile registration tax, every unregistered phone will pay.
  2. If anyone is registering phone on pta online portal, or via mobile company franchise, pta will notify with the extra information need to provide for dirbs mobile registration.

Commonly, following major details you will provide:

  • Passport Number
  • CNIC Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Contact Number
  • Mobile IMEI number
  1. Once you provide above mentioned information, fbr weboc system will process is automatically. It is latest system that has almost finished chances of data theft.
  2. Generally, if you are registering your first phone, it will be taxed also. Yes, earlier first phone was duty free, but just a couple of days before government has removed this facility. For more information, you can read this here
  3. Now, system will generate a PSID (payment slip ID) to pay duty taxes. Now you have 3 options to pay phone tax:
  • Pta phone tax payment through online banking
  • Pakistan telecommunication authority mobile registration fee via ATM
  • Pta phone registration fee through any leading bank

7- Once system confirms mobile tax payment, as a result dirbs will add your device imei in its verified category. Remember!the moment a passenger arrives in Pakistan, he/she can go for pta mobile phone registration within 60 days. After this, the device will be blocked. In short, there is no phone registration at airport. Lastly, make sure, you register phone with pta under the methods have been discussed above. Also, to read more visit this link

Pta mobile phone registration by local applicant

  1. If a local resident has an imported device and it is not registered in pta dirbs system; he/she can follow the same procedure.
  2. You will go to pta dirbs login link, and provide your personal information. Fos instance, Passport, CNIC, IMEI no etc.
  3. One can have 2 ways to register imported phone, via cellular franchise, or register it on pta online phone registration website
  4. System will generate a PSID slid.
  5. Pay phone registration fee via online banking, ATM, or at any major bank.

Registration of mobile phones imported by individuals by postal service

  1. Above all, all imported mobile phones will be released after the production of coc offered by PTA.
  2. For customers’ convenience, you can apply for coc at customs office
  3. After getting coc, importer will pay the payable charges

Mobile phone registration for illegally imported smartphones

  1. To summarize, to register an illegally imported smartphone, such individual will go to the nearest customs office. Also take a soft copy of phone imei in excel format
  2. On file of declaration, custom officials will verify the given details and detain such device
  3. After this, device holder will file a dual stamped declaration form to PTA for issuance of coc. Also submit soft copy of imei.
  4. Hence, Pta shall process the application according to the SOP.
  5. After the releasing of coc, applicant will go to the customs office. In the meantime, customs official will verify the coc, and release the device after payment of payable duties and fine. Finally, mobile owner can deposit these taxes and fine in any branch of National bank.

Also Read this

  • Every individual can register maximum 5 devices with pta dirbs system in a year
  • Stolen devices or phones with fake IMEIs will be blocked permanently

International roamers are not supposed to register phone or to get coc. Yes, once they use local sim, they need to register that device ob pta dirbs system


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