What is eSIM? The new SIM card simply explained

what is eSim? How does it work? How to cut a sim card? Read all basic eSIm tips in this step by step guide.

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What is eSIM? The new SIM card simply explained

The eSIM, which is used for example in the iPhone Xs and the Apple Watch 3 and 4, has recently been launched. But what is it exactly and what is the difference to conventional SIM cards? In this practical tip, we explain it easily understandable.

What is an eSIM? Easily explained

  • In contrast to a normal SIM card, an eSIM is permanently installed in a device. It can therefore not be replaced. The “e” in eSIM comes from the English word “embedded”, embedded or integrated in German.
  • An eSIM uses the same specifications as normal SIM cards. Therefore, they are compatible with each other and it makes no difference which SIM type you use.
  • However, the decisive advantage of an eSIM is that the SIM chip can be rewritten by your provider. So if you have signed a new contract, you no longer have to wait for your new SIM card. In addition, problems with incorrect sizes of SIM cards no longer occur. In this way, switching providers is accelerated and simplified.
  • The eSIM also makes sense for smartphone manufacturers. Since the eSIM is built into the device, it is no longer necessary to install error-prone card mechanisms.
  • The dark side of the topic is that there are currently very few providers for eSIMs. This is also due to the fact that some mobile operators reject this new technology.
  • You can currently get eSIMs from Telekom and Vodafone. You need it for example for the iPhone 11, the iPhone Xs and the Apple Watch Series 3 and 4.

This is how you can cut the SIM card

If you don’t want to wait long for your new micro-SIM or nano-SIM, you can simply use your old SIM card. Your mobile phone number is also retained. What you need: Sharp scissors, adhesive tape (eg scotch tape), and a printer with paper.

  1. First download the micro-SIM template or nano-SIM template and print out the PDF document.
  2. Now cut out the desired template as precisely as possible on the dashed line.
  3. Then stick the template onto the golden contact surface of the SIM card with a piece of scotch tape.
  4. Now simply cut out the SIM card along the solid line. Be careful not to scratch the chip as it may become unusable.

Then try inserting the SIM card into the cell phone. If it doesn’t quite fit yet, you can, for example, touch it up with a nail arrow.


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