Upcoming Samsung Whatmobile price in Pakistan 2020

Upcoming Samsung Whatmobile price in Pakistan 2020 comes with the latest galaxy mobile price list. check prices of upcoming smartphones in Pakistan.

Upcoming Samsung Whatmobile price in Pakistan 2020 - phonebechdou

Upcoming Samsung Whatmobile price in Pakistan 2020

Samsung mobiles prices in Pakistan 2020

According to Samsung whatmobile price in Pakistan in 2020, new mobiles have impacted previous models.  Samsung has shown a great enthusiasm in launching a number of mid-range smartphones in 2019. Whether it was a series or its predecessor AS series, Samsung mobiles have done great business in Pakistan. Moreover, it gave a strong competition to all Chinese leading mobile phone brands especially Huawei, vivo, and Oppo.

That is why Oppo and vivo are introducing new mobile phones with the gap of few months. Now the question is how new models impact the price of old mobile phones.

Before discussing further about price fluctuation of different models, let’s check Samsung mobile phone price list in 2020:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus price : 174,999
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra : 184,999
  • Samsung Galaxy S20: 169,999
  • Samsung Galaxy A21: 31,999
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: 231,999
  • Samsung Galaxy A41: 48,999
  • Samsung Galaxy S11e: 144,999
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite: 124,999
  • Samsung Galaxy s11 plus: 184,999
  • Samsung Galaxy A11: 24,999

 Samsung Galaxy A series price list 2019

In the beginning of 2019 Samsung launched following smartphones:

  • Samsung a10
  • Samsung a20
  • Samsung a30
  • Samsung a50
  • Samsung a70
  • Samsung a80

From 1st smartphone to the least, every device had a popular feature in it. A10 and a20 were low range smartphones offering bunch of attractive features. Especially, Samsung focused on its camera, design and screen. These low range devices were perfect for low budget customers. In simple words, these latest Samsung phones were made to compete the other cheap mobile models. Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo were leading the market with their affordable smartphones.

Furthermore, a30 was giving a decent gpu, ram and processor to play heavy games. Samsung a50 also became one of the most popular devices. It offers good screen, speed and battery timing. If we talk about a70 sand Samsung a80, both smartphones carry:

  • high class camera
  • design
  • huge screen
  • best gpu and much more

Now in 2020, Samsung is coming with its flagship smartphones. Some of these models I have mentioned above. In above mentioned Samsung mobile phones list, almost everyone comes under high end smartphone. These phones carry state of the art specs and hardware integration. I would recommend you to read latest Samsung mobile phone price before buying a new phone.


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