Top war games for android- check your gaming skills with toughest enemies

do you love playing the best war games online? We have brought to you top rated war and shooting games to ignite your battlefield experience. Just go through it and check your warfare skill in intense gaming mode.


Do you love to play action games? Here is a list of 5 best-recommended war games

  • Sniper strike- Fps 3d shooting game
  • Stickman Legends: Shadow War
  • Modern Combat 5
  • Zombie Hunter Sniper
  • Last Hope sniper – zombie war shooting game

We all love to play online strategy games that not only test our patience but also evaluate our strategic capabilities to cope with the toughest situations. Defending your reign on various fronts, and utilizing advance war games techniques are quite extensive but exciting activities.  Do you remember top grossing action and strategy games like company of heroes series, King Crusader, Total war, conquest and conquer, and Age of Empires; all these games provided best user experience for strategy game lovers. Providing pure real time strategic environment, these games acquired players’ attention around the globe. By seeing people inclination towards mobile games, now these online strategy games are available on android platform too.

If you are getting bored and want to spend your time full of sensation, play best war games for android.

1-Sniper strike- Fps 3d shooting game

Sniper strike is one of the best war games android that come with three modes. With endless missions, you will be experiencing a sensational sniping experience that you wouldn’t have had before. Building own super soldier, and then leading a squad in super tough war environment with a lot of advanced weaponry system, it is time to check your war game skill. Simultaneously in player vs player, you can go with your online friends to engage game’s top leader board. You can wipe out elite commanders by reaching out killing shots. Searching online friends and foes, you can build your delta team to save a number of hostages.

2- Stickman Legends: Shadow War

If you are looking for best android war game offline, Stickman legend is here that can be played without an internet connection. It is a kind of multirole game like RPG and PVP. Having role of ninja with a lot of fighting techniques, you are going to face countless enemies. By bringing havoc on your zombies, you continuously increase your powers and fighting strength. This game allows you to enjoy various features like dozens of costumes to brighten your character to look more powerful and attractive. Moreover, there is a range of stickman heroes in the list waiting for you: Dungeon Guardian, Elite Archer, Ninja Hero are some of the most playable characters.

3- Modern Combat 5

Do you want to test your intense war game experience at impeccable graphics? Modern combat 5 has the highest ranking in the terms of fps graphic scaling. Play in full of action battlefield with your friends selecting from the 9 classes, take it to online, add your allies and beat the best in war. Rivals around the world are steering at you to conquer in a dynamic warfare. On the other hand if you want to play this game alone; take single shooting challenge lunatic’s apocalyptic plans. You can boost your class skill by playing through the game and unlock unique features of that specific class character.

4- Zombie Hunter Sniper

Zombie hunter sniper is a first person sniper game that takes you into a land full of zombies. Playing in a high intense mode with top notch graphics, everything seems real. You are alone on earth to save your human fellows from the devastating zombies who can attack anytime. Take your dog and sniper to eliminate living dead. If you want to enjoy best war game android, don’t forget to play it even if you don’t have a reliable internet connection. Just install it once, and play it remaining offline. Similarly, there are not only mere zombies to fight but their monster leader that you will find difficult to kill. To test you shooting experience trigger into fearful gaming atmosphere.

5- Last Hope sniper – zombie war shooting game

Last hope sniper is another zombie shooting game with advance warfare features. You are in a destructive city and nothing is left. It is just like the movie you might remember: I am Legend; where the main character is struggling hard to live in an isolated city with his dog. City is full of zombies that appear in darkness. So just like the movie, last hope sniper provides you intense gaming experience where you are the sole survivor to fight against evil odds. It can be played both online and offline. You can only stay alive if you kill the zombies or you are going to be dead. By rescuing survivors, you can earn more features and advance your career. With a range of weapons list like sniper and assault rifles blow pandemic creatures that can be vicious for your surviving.

If you love to play best war games and excite your shooting experience, buy a phone where all these games can be played without lagging. If you don’t have a latest phone with good features, sell used smartphone at and ear a good cash to buy a new phone.


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